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Kannan P. Sanskrit Documents in audio format Following is a list of sites where one can listen to stotras and bhajans mostly in real audio format. The stotras and artists, at some locations, are listed for reference.

Living Mantra

Who is there to protect me? Why is this delay to protect me? Tell me oh the Lord of the whole world, Lord panchanadIsha! To meditate whole heartedly, to stabilize the mind and worship You give me determination, oh the One hailed by tyAgarAja. Oh the Divine of the divines, sadAshiva! One with sun, moon and fire eyes! Not easy to be seen by even the lord of divines and brahma!

Ornated with great characters! Beloved One of gaurI! The Source! Wearing the crescent of moon! Black throated! Splendid like crores of suns!

Hailed by the viShNu! I beg for the devotion on Your feet, oh the Affiliate of the distressed! Charming Smile-faced! Hailed by tyAgarAja! Let us worship together for the fulfilment of our prayers, the Lord sundarEshvara of the welath and beauty rich kOvUr!

As the divines worship with golden flowers, people who are divine like on earth and sanakAdi munis hailing, accompanied by shrI saundaryanAyaki, One Who bestows grace on tyAgarAja, the Supreme, the hara is staying majestically.

People who resemble divines carrying up the precious stone palanquin, the true devotees praising in delight, adorned with jasmine garlands and fragrant flowers is the Lord. As the singers elaborate the melodies, hearing that the snake ornated God, the Treasury of Grace, the Protector of all good people, comes saying "I am called tyAgarAja"! Oh Divine take abode at shrI tapastIrthapuri, bestow me with devotion to You!

Purifying, Nurturing, dEvi's heart-residing, Illuminating Lord of all the worlds! Bestower of grace! Wearing moon crescent! Lion for the elephant crowd of asuras! Lord of saptarshi! With curved forehead! With broad forehead! Showerer of grace! Lover of gaurI! Oh Lord shiva take care of me! Worshipped by nAgas! Hailed by brahma! Immesurable in character!

Far away from bias and ego! Destroyer of gajAsura! Am I not always contemplating on You alone in my mind? Oh Source of happiness! Oh sadashiva! Embodiment of bliss! Oh Full of compassion! One Whose heart is blissful!

Your lotus feet, am I not always praying? Oh digambara! The destroyer of the demon Antaka. Praised by the Lords of directions- digishas.

Adorned with Ganga and crescent on head and holding deer in hand. Oh Proficient in dancing! This is the right moment to protect me. Oh the One praised by tyAgarAja! I have not seen any Divine like You in this whole world!

Oh Lord sundrEsha of kOvUr where the wealth prospers! Oh Lord of mountain! Taken abode in the mind of tyAgarAja! Light of the heart! Oh Lord sundarEsha!

To have Your darshan am I qualified? Though performed sixteen circumambulations, I was maligning others, desiring other women, but did not chant the great shiva nAma. Oh Lord shiva with the Feet adored by tyAgarAja! Beautiful, equivalant of kAshi, towered abode is this kOvUr abode.

The feet decorated with golden anklets, having exquisite handcuffs, on the lovely face wearing kastUri tilaka with a charming form is the Lord. On one side brahma and other divines, other side heavenly dancers, one side tumburu and nArada, on the other the devotees sing His praise.

He is the friend of kubera, He is the refuge for chandra, He is devoid of outrage, He is worshipped by tyAgarAja, He is the Lord of the silver mountain kailAsh. Oh the Source of good things! Bloomed lotus eyed! Wearing moon! Adorned with serpant! Having the Feet worshipped by the divines!

Having pretty feet like the golden dawn light! Remover of demons! Beautifully hailed by vedas! Beloved by the pArvati! Destoryer of kAla! Of flawless form! Treasury of supreme mercy! Pleasent One for the lotus like well ornated pArvati! Remover of kAma! Uplifter of depressed! Speaks the words that soothe! Holding the fascinating deer! Guru of the sages! Protector of tyAgarAja! With the hands, feet, forehead, shoulders touching the ground don't I worship?

Don't I plead I am Your refugee? Oh Lord panychanadIsha! Drinking the ever tasteful essence of rAga, why don't you rejoice, oh mind! It gives the fruit of ritual, mediation union , sacrifice, enjoyment together! As known to tyAgarAja the jIvan muktas are those who enjoy the melody that is the glorious form of sadAshiva, that is the sound of tuneful OMkAra.

Why don't you say "shiva shiva shiva", crushing off the rebirth, fear and sufferings? Removing lust from the mind, not desiring for others wealth, coming out of ignorance, do the offering of bilva with determination.

Learning the Agamas way of worship , not speaking unnecessary words, servng as patron of the devotees, hail God shiva praised by tyAgarAja. Beloved by girija! Protector of those who reahced out to Your Feet! With lotus like eyes! I plead for the devotion to Your lotus feet.

Height of mercy! Holding deer in hand! Wearing ganga and moon!

Vatapi Ganapatim

Thank you for the wonderful note on Dvarapalas. Can I ask you for one more? Could you please give me info — texts, descriptions or images — of 11 forms of Rudra? Thank you. Dear Atma-Raga, Welcome. Thank you for asking.

It is one of the major types of veena played in Indian classical music. Two large, round resonators, made of dried and hollowed gourds, are attached under the tube. Twenty-four brass-fitted raised wooden frets are fixed on the tube with the help of wax. There are 4 main strings and 3 chikari strings. As Rudra is a name for the Hindu god Shiva , rudra vina literally means "the veena dear to Shiva ". Shiva is also said to have created the Rudra Veena, inspired by his wife, Parvati. Also, Ravana is said to have invented RudraVeena inspired as he was with his devotion to Lord Shiva, he named the instrument Rudra Veena - Rudra is the vedic deity Siva.

One of the four Vedas , it is a liturgical text which consists of 1, verses. All but 75 verses have been taken from the Rigveda. While its earliest parts are believed to date from as early as the Rigvedic period, the existing compilation dates from the post-Rigvedic Mantra period of Vedic Sanskrit , between c. Embedded inside the Samaveda is the widely studied Chandogya Upanishad and Kena Upanishad , considered as primary Upanishads and as influential on the six schools of Hindu philosophy , particularly the Vedanta school. It is also referred to as Sama Veda.

For example, the famous shri Rudram hymn from the Yajur Veda, commonly employed to Gayatri Mantra Sri Gayatri Ashtakam Lyrics in Telugu. Notes Pdf​, Siri Kannada Text Book Class 8 Solutions, Karnataka State Board Solutions help The music traditions of the North and South India, particularly the raga and tala.

Sri Chakra-Raja

The hymn is composed in Hamsadhvani raga musical mode ; however, in tradition of kritis, individual performers add their own variations in the tune as a part of improvisation. Vatapi Ganapatim is considered the best-known piece of Muthuswami Dikshitar and is one of the most popular compositions of Carnatic music South Indian classical music school. The hymn is traditionally sung at the beginning of many Carnatic music concerts. As per oral tradition, the icon of Vatapi Ganapati was brought booty from the Chalukyan capital of Vatapi presently known as Badami in northern Karnataka by Paranjothi , the commander-in-chief of the Pallava king Narasimhavarman I reign: — CE , following the conquest of Pallavas over the Chalukyas CE.

Mathematics is a part of our daily life in several ways. Hence, it is no wonder that it has come to occupy an important place in religious rituals also. This is what we find particularly in the Hindu way of life or the Hindu religion. Worshippers of Lord Siva recite Rudram with 11 sections followed by Chamakam with 11 sections as a routine prayer every day. This is called the daily nyasam or mode of worship.

Flat Style by Ian Bradley. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Does anyone have recordings of these songs? There is a malayAlam film song, saraswati yAmam kazhinju,masterly tuned by G.

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Appendix 1 (List of Janaka/Janya ragas with their swaras) · Appendix 2 After Rudram is recited once, one section or anuvaka of Chamakam is recited in order.

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Adityam. rAgA: mAyAmALavagauLa. Adi tALA. ajam haram. rAgA: nIlAmbari. Adi tALA. ambA alankAri. rAgA: bEgaDa. tisra rUpaka tALA. rudram mahEsham.