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This consisted of 3 books contained in a single volume. His goal was to modernize information from ancient and obscure texts and make them more accessible.

Grimoires A History Of Magic Books

The opening up of America created just such an environment, and hucksters, quacks, astrologers, fortune tellers and occult practitioners of all shades thrived.

Which may indicate that the primary audience for this book might not be the "hucksters, quacks, astrologers, fortune tellers and occult practitioners" some of whom might even read this newsletter. Here again he has taken up a largely neglected topic with some verve and produced a page turning history of the grimoire. OD's book is likely to be of special interest to those with some knowledge of the genre.

Davies gives very few examples of a grimoire's actual content, so there is an assumption that the author has already read one or two.

The small examples OD does give tend to underline his thesis that the grimoires are at best a debased form of ancient magick or worst cynical, gibberish. Modern magicians tend to approach the grimoire as an exercise in magical creativity but also as a possible source of Pagan wisdom and occult knowledge that has somehow survived the hands of Christian iconoclasts. Academic authors are obviously quite keen for the practitioner community to read their work although they are less keen to read anything the practitioners write about the same subject.

So you won't find much here of the contemporary magicians approach to the grimoire, apart that is from old chestnuts such as the Necronomicon and the Satanic Bible. Even so, there is much in here of interest to the contemporary practitioner, once one gets over the slight disappointment at the absence of any mention of the "Goetia", the most popular example of the genre.

There is also nothing of what surely be the most famous of all occult trials involving a grimoire, that of Gilles the Rais - Bluebeard. For those with an interest in Aleister Crowley, there is also very little in this book. Crowley of course, represents the way the practitioner community has reframed and rationalised the grimoire over the years. And Crowley penned what is considered to be the best and most cogent of all modern grimoires - Liber ABA. However most of the book's contents were new to me - although one passage where I would take issue with the author is when he discusses the Theban Magical Library alternatively known as The Greek Magical Papyri or Greco Egyptian Magical Papyri.

Davies tells us that these are somehow connected with the very first grimoires in the sequence - which would be my own intuition. But he then says that "There are distinct differences between the magic they contain and that found in the earliest magical inscriptions and papyri from the time of the pharaohs" p 9.

I read that and thought that must be wrong and wondered where he could have found such a view amongst Egyptologists? My heart sank when I saw the reference to Geraldine Pinch's seminal work on Egyptian Magic, could she really be so out of step with all her colleagues? But there again what does Geraldine Pinch actually say p. These do no specify exactly how the akhu are to deal with the writer's enemies. Many spells in the Graeco-Egyptian Magical Papyri describe how to make a deity appear and answer questions.

The appearance may take the form of a dream for the magician or a vision for the child assistant. These spells are the private equivalent of consulting a temple oracle, or of incubation - sleeping in the temple to receive a divine dream".

Afterall doesn't it say in the Goetia that the spirits speak the Egyptian tongue? These small issues of the beginning aside, Davies' study is soon on stronger ground after fifteen hundred years of development we arrive at the era of the printed book, when the grimoire really did make it big on the world stage. As the book's publicity confirms, "to understand the grimoire is to understand the spread of Christianity, the development of early science, the cultural influence of the print revolution, the growth of literacy, the impact of colonialism and the expansion of western culture across the oceans.

These books began circulating in Germany in the eighteenth century and were to become popular in USA. One could of course argue that given the well known existence of the first five, it is just human nature to want to supplement this with a sixth, seventh or even more; just as some bright spark penned a "Fourth" book of Occult Philosophy, a "Fourth" Veda or even "Fourth" chapter of Crowley's "Book of the Law".

Interestingly no ancient edition survives of a "Sixth" and "Seventh" Book of Moses. There may never have been a sixth or seventh in classical Greco-Egyptian magic, none has so far been found.

The explanation advanced for this hiatus is that the number "eight" has special symbolic resonance, perhaps connected with Hermes and the Company of Heaven. OD calls these "modern" versions "pulp. They were not the sort of publications that found their way into academic and public libraries.

Yet their influence was such that, by the late s, American educationalists were waging war on the genre. Looking at the few examples of the contents given in OD's study, these would not be so out of place in the PGM - so I wonder where their real provenance lies? If you want gnosticism and theurgy, one maybe needs to look elsewhere than in this study of grimoire. Owen Davies is revealing the dark underbelly of the magical tradition.

I suspect he might even side with the shrinking minority of academics who still follow Frazer's division of magic and religion. Religion from this perspective, being all about social networking and rationality; magick the malign, irrational, solitary practice, bent on material gain. Drive a wedge between Egyptian religion and its magick, downplay the philosophical aspect of the grimoire and it all begins to look that way.

It is in these areas that Davies book certainly has an colourful tale to tell. The book concludes with a discussion of the huge popularity of Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible and the promise that, in case you didn't know it, the history of the grimoire is hardly likely to be over. There is no sign of these books being closed for good. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Uploaded by Mogg Morgan.

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The Grand Grimoire is a black magic [1] grimoire. Different editions date the book to , or , but it was probably written in the early 19th century. The work is divided into two books. The Sanctum Regnum contain instructions for making a pact with the demon, allowing one to command the spirit without the tools required in book one, but at greater risk. Secrets contains simpler spells and rituals one can employ after having performed the ritual in the first book. The book describes several demons as well as the rituals to summon them in order to make a pact with them.

This book was clearly very well researched, and it never gets bogged down in speculations on the efficacy of the books its discussing. The actual history of grimoires is almost as interesting as the ridiculous back stories that these books so often include. I added a few books to my to-read list while reading this. If you want to read a book about the history of books of magic, this is yer only man. These texts are referenced in many of the other books that I read, and I read them in turn to help me understand those other books. Liber Falxifer , however, was first printed in , and it has yet to be republished as a Dover Occult paperback. With the internet, anyone can create and publish their own grimoire, so why did I choose to read this one?

Grimoires: A History of Magic Books. erebusoverkill Q Owen Davies history of magic as the magical knowledge actually passed down during the Wrst The word 'nigromancy' also appears in medieval documents. DissBachter.​pdf.

Grimoires : A History of Magic Books by Owen Davies (2009

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. My mother and her sister also helped with. List of devils and spirits from Le dragon rouge early nineteenth-century edition

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Books of this genre, typically giving instructions for invoking angels or demons , performing divination and gaining magical powers, have circulated throughout Europe since the Middle Ages. Magicians were frequently persecuted by the Church , so their journals were kept hidden to prevent them from being burned. Magical books in almost any context, especially books of magical spells, are also called grimoires.

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