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Gender inequality implies to the unequal treatment of a person based on their gender. This concept arises from the differences in social constructed gender roles within the society. Gender inequality has been one of the social concerns during the world history of development. Therefore many organizations as well as institutions have debated on the issues concerning gender and development, and have made significant improvement to make development gender-equitable. For instance the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW in which generally describes the several agendas for national actions to end discrimination against women whether be at home or at workplaces United Nations

Gender and Development: basic concepts

Gender and development is an interdisciplinary field of research and applied study that implements a feminist approach to understanding and addressing the disparate impact that economic development and globalization have on people based upon their location, gender, class background, and other socio-political identities. Accounting for this need, gender and development implements ethnographic research, research that studies a specific culture or group of people by physically immersing the researcher into the environment and daily routine of those being studied, [2] in order to comprehensively understand how development policy and practices affect the everyday life of targeted groups or areas. The history of this field dates back to the s, when studies of economic development first brought women into its discourse, [3] [4] focusing on women only as subjects of welfare policies — notably those centered on food aid and family planning. Since Boserup's consider that development affects men and women differently, the study of gender's relation to development has gathered major interest amongst scholars and international policymakers. Each of these frameworks emerged as an evolution of its predecessor, aiming to encompass a broader range of topics and social science perspectives. Examples of these policies and programs include Structural Adjustment Programs SAPs , microfinance , outsourcing , and privatizing public enterprises , [4] all of which direct focus towards economic growth and suggest that advancement towards gender equality will follow.

Gender and Development

Gender is an important consideration in development. It is a way of looking at how social norms and power structures impact on the lives and opportunities available to different groups of men and women. Globally, more women than men live in poverty. Women are also less likely than men to receive basic education and to be appointed to a political position nationally and internationally. Understanding that men and women, boys and girls experience poverty differently and face different barriers in accessing services, economic resources and political opportunities helps to target interventions.

Gender and development

Gender is a complex variable that is a part of social, cultural, economic and political contexts. It is also relevant for the work of civil society movements. Gender refers to socially constructed differences between men and women, whereas Sex refers to biological differences between men and women.

Understanding gender

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The World Bank. GENDER AND DEVELOPMENT: AN EVALUATION OF WORLD BANK SUPPORT, –08 statistical association between the preparation of a gender assessment tice_Junpdf or

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In addressing gender and development issues, it is usual to look at the relations between women and men (social, political, economic), focusing on global.

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Gender and development is an interdisciplinary field focusing on the social relations between women and men in developing and transitional economies.

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With their traditionally low status in society, indigenous women in Papua are the most affected by poverty and underdevelopment.