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Input And Output Characteristics Of Transistor In Common Base Configuration Pdf

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It consists of two PN junctions, namely emitter junction and collector junction. The basic circuit diagram for studying input characteristics is shown in the circuit diagram.

Definition : The configuration in which the emitter is connected between the collector and base is known as a common emitter configuration. The input circuit is connected between emitter and base, and the output circuit is taken from the collector and emitter.

Common Collector Configuration & its characteristics

A Transistor has 3 terminals, the emitter, the base and the collector. Using these 3 terminals the transistor can be connected in a circuit with one terminal common to both input and output in a 3 different possible configurations. In every configuration, the emitter junction is forward biased and the collector junction is reverse biased. The name itself implies that the Base terminal is taken as common terminal for both input and output of the transistor. When the emitter voltage is applied, as it is forward biased, the electrons from the negative terminal repel the emitter electrons and current flows through the emitter and base to the collector to contribute collector current. The collector voltage V CB is kept constant throughout this.

In common base configuration, emitter is the input terminal, collector is the output terminal and base terminal is connected as a common terminal for both input and output. That means the emitter terminal and common base terminal are known as input terminals whereas the collector terminal and common base terminal are known as output terminals. In common base configuration, the base terminal is grounded so the common base configuration is also known as grounded base configuration. Sometimes common base configuration is referred to as common base amplifier, CB amplifier, or CB configuration. The input signal is applied between the emitter and base terminals while the corresponding output signal is taken across the collector and base terminals. Thus the base terminal of a transistor is common for both input and output terminals and hence it is named as common base configuration.

Common base configuration | input and output characteristics & equation

The term amplifier as used in this chapter means a circuit or stage using a single active device rather than a complete system such as an integrated circuit operational amplifier. An amplifier is a device for increasing the power of a signal. This is accomplished by taking energy from a power supply and controlling the output to duplicate the shape of the input signal but with a larger voltage or current amplitude. In this sense, an amplifier may be thought of as modulating the voltage or current of the power supply to produce its output. The basic amplifier, figure 9. The transistor, as we have seen in the previous chapter, is a three-terminal device.

In this transistor tutorial, we will learn about Different Configurations of Transistors. Since a Bipolar Junction Transistor is a 3-terminal device, there are three different configurations of Transistors possible with BJTs. Understanding these different configurations of transistors will help you in better implementation of your application. We know that generally the transistor has three terminals — emitter E , base B and collector. But in the circuit connections we need four terminals, two terminals for input and another two terminals for output. To overcome these problems we use one terminal as common for both input and output actions. Using this property we construct the circuits and these structures are called transistor configurations.

In common base configuration, emitter is the input terminal, collector is the output Thus the base terminal of a transistor is common for both input and output To determine the input characteristics, the output voltage VCB (collector-base.

Common Base Transistor Amplifier

The common emitter and common collector emitter follower configurations are far more widely used because their characteristics are generally more useful. The common base amplifier configuration comes into its own at high frequencies where stability can be an issue. The common base amplifier has a rather different style of configuration to that of the other electronic circuit design configurations. Normally the signal input is applied to the base, but in the case of the common base, this connection is grounded and in fact it is occasionally called a grounded base circuit design.

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Common Base Transistor Amplifier

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Common base configuration | input and output characteristics & equation


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This transistor configuration has the collector terminal of the transistor common between the input and the output terminals (Figure 5) and is also referred to as emitter follower configuration. This offers high input impedance, low output impedance, voltage gain less than one and a large current gain.

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Now in this article, we see common base configuration of transistor, equations for common base transistor and input and output characteristics of a common base transistor.

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