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Almost two decades later, Strauss continues to reflect on the event, meditating on the strange collision of the comprehensible—this is what happened—and the incomprehensible—this is what can never be known.

After all, I thought, I had worked as a journalist myself when I lived in Germany. By providing my. But I had not been prepared for such a flood of calls. Because Mama Sarah was also Baracks grandmother, everyone wanted to speak to her.

And Then Life Happens; A Memoir

After all, I thought, I had worked as a journalist myself when I lived in Germany. By providing my. But I had not been prepared for such a flood of calls. Because Mama Sarah was also Baracks grandmother, everyone wanted to speak to her. They wanted her to tell them about his family, to bring to light the missing pieces of the puzzle that Barack Obama was for them. Who exactly was this black man and son of an African who had dared to aspire to the office of president of the most powerful nation in the world?

Where were his roots? Who was his family? In search of answers to these questions, scores of reporters from across the globe boarded planes and traveled to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. From there they continued on to rural western Kenya, to Alego Nyangoma Kogelo, an unassuming little village not far from the shores of Lake Victoria that was our ancestral home.

And to this day, it is the home of our grandmother, Mama Sarah. On many occasions I was at my grandmothers side when she was interviewed, and I never ceased to be amazed and delighted at how well she, eighty-seven years old at the time, was able to grasp the intricacies and dynamics of the American electoral process.

She answered all the questions with intelligence and humor, sticking to the point and not digressing. That being said, I was also always conscious of not wanting to overtax her at her age and tried to keep the media interest from getting out of hand. I carried Hillary Clintons letter around with me for days. I felt that any response had to be well thought through. Not only was I in a state of mixed emotionsoverjoyed at my brothers success, while at the same time not fully prepared for the unrelenting attention I now received as a member of the Obama familybut the letter from the U.

Secretary of State also brought back some painful memories. During the primaries, she had run against my brother for their partys nomination. Both were Democrats, but they had also been the fiercest opponents. Recollections of negative attacks on my brother from the Hillary camp were still fresh in my mind. And because I was not accustomed to the rules of political campaigning, at the time everything had seemed to me to be playing out on a very personal level.

I had feared that his rivals team wanted not only to win the election, but also to ruin my brothers political career. And now here was a letter from Hillary Clinton thanking me for the wonderful moments we shared in Washington and wishing me all the best. I could hardly believe it. On the occasion of the inaugural luncheon, I had been seated with Hillary and Bill Clinton and other dignitaries of American politics.

As we ate, the conversation revolved around Baracks swearing-in, global politics, development aid, Kenya, and my work with CARE. I even received a number of tips to pass on to my brother and his wife, Michelle, wise advice on how to lead a somewhat normal life in the White House. Even though I was not sitting next to Hillary, the opportunity arose for a brief one-on-one chat. To my pleasant surprise, the former senator from New York was a charming, amusing, and engaged conversation partner.

I really enjoyed talking to her and would have gladly spoken longer with this energetic, intelligent woman.

From up close, I also realized why female voters in particular had wanted to help Hillary become the first female president of the United States.

She simply exuded enormous woman power. The dialogue with Hillaryduring which I crouched down next to herwas interrupted when it was time for dessert. Feeling the strain in my thigh muscles, I returned to my seat next to her husband, the forty-second president of the United States. Almost a month went by before I finally found the right words to reply to Hillary.

It was not an easy task. On the one hand, I wanted to keep open the possibility of getting to know her bettera response along the lines of Thank you for your letter seemed insufficient. On the other hand, I was aware that this letter was most likely just a polite gesture, a matter of political etiquette without further implications. I was not sure how to take it. This was all very new to me.

With my brother taking center stage in global politics, I could not help questioning all the interest in me as Barack Obamas sister. I fiercely resisted this situation. Being the only, somewhat headstrong girl in a patriarchal African familymy siblings were all boysI had no choice but to fight to hold my own.

On many occasions, I sought refuge in books, where I could lose myself in the lives of others. Stories about compassion, suffering overcome, and powerful emotions were my favorites. Not only did they suit my temperament, but their gripping content also enabled me to block out my own reality.

In high school in Nairobi, I discovered German postwar literature and immediately took to it. I was sixteen at the time, and like most teenagers, I was intense and soul-searching, struggling to establish an identity. First I read the books in English, and later on in German. These authors protagonists.

For hours, I buried myself in their books. Sometimes I even read two books at a time, one before falling asleep at night and the other during the day. It was only by chance that I came into contact with German literature and the German language. Kenya was once a British colony, and not until did it gain its independence.

As a result, the official European language of the country is English, next to Kiswahili, a regional East African language. In those days, German was an unlikely language for a Kenyan to encounter, but in , German classes were offered at my high school. The subject was new, and none of us students really knew what you could do with it. Up to that point, the only foreign language offering had been French. And since most of us were busy enough with that, only a few students registered for the German class.

I was one of them. That was my first step toward my later decision to go to Germany and study in the land of my literary heroes. But long before my escape into German literature, I questioned many things and searched for a way to free myself from the constraints of our traditions. My family belongs to the Luo people, in which the man occupies the undisputed role of patriarch. The Luo are one of more than forty ethnic groups living in Kenya. They are among the Western Nilotic peoples, who migrated centuries ago from Sudan, from the banks of the White Nile, to Uganda and onward to Kenya, settling on Lake Victoria.

In Kenya, the Luo are the third largest ethnic group after the Kikuyu and the. Luhya; in total, over four million people are said to speak their language.

I was the only girl in our nuclear family. While our city life had modern features, in the countryside with my grandparents, where things were particularly traditional, I experienced how the boys were always treated differently than the girls.

Women and girls were constantly occupied with various activities in house and homeat least that was how it seemed to mewhile the male family members did next to nothing in the household and only rarely made themselves useful on the homestead. I remember that my grandfather Onyango, in accordance with Luo custom, always ate with the boys and men of the house, never with the girls and women, who dined separately in the kitchen. We womenamong us were also cousins and auntscooked, served the meals, cleaned up, and did the dishes, while the men and boys had everything brought to them.

It especially rankled me that my older brother visibly enjoyed this allocation of duties. But it bothered me even more that most of the women and girls seemed not to mind waiting hand and foot on the male family members.

I resisted fiercely what I experienced as gender inequality and tried not to subordinate myselfthough without great success. I had to fall into line. Years later, when I delved deeper into Luo traditions, I learned that the gender roles in our ethnic group had originally been distinct but rather balanced. The main tasks of the male family members were raising livestock usually they herded cattle , hard physical farming work, fishing, building huts, and producing a variety of objects.

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And then life happens

Auma is the daughter of Barack Obama Sr. Much happened while her father went on to graduate studies in economics at Harvard, namely his marriage to Stanley Ann Dunham and the birth of Barack Obama Jr. Auma became a proficient student of German, and her meeting with her brother Barack in Chicago in marks the brightest moment in this eager-to-please work. The meeting paved the way for his subsequent trips to Kenya and warmly unfolding relationship with his African family. Doyle offers another lucid, inspiring chronicle of female empowerment and the rewards of self-awareness and renewal. More life reflections from the bestselling author on themes of societal captivity and the catharsis of personal freedom. In her third book, Doyle Love Warrior , , etc.

Today I am waiting for the train at the station, because there is a disaster there are schedule changes for the train I was riding. Because I was already in the station, I had to wait a long time due to changes in the schedule, I feel very-very tired. I was browsing through mobile phone I have to look for the reading that I do not get bored. Ebook, Pdf, Kindle. Editorial Reviews. You will be Learn more.

Glen Campbell s widow Kim opens up in new memoir Gentle. And Then Life Happens book. Read 27 reviews from the world s largest community for readers. A Memoir. Auma Obama; Translated by Ross Benjamin. Martin s Griffin.

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And Then Life Happens: A Memoir

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e-book And Then Life Happens: A Memoir

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And Then Life Happens A Memoir

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