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Philosophy Here And Now Pdf

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Philosophy here and now

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Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life, International

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Philosophy Here and Now

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Buy Ebook from VitalSource. In lucid, engaging prose, this unique introduction relates the perennial questions of philosophy to students' lives today. The book emphasizes philosophical writing, reinforced with step-by-step coaching in how to write argumentative essays and supported by multiple opportunities to hone critical thinking. It shows students how philosophy applies to their own lives and brings the subject to life with engaging chapter-ending literary selections, abundant illustrations, and a wealth of pedagogical features.

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For all its brevity the book 1nanages co run the gamut of critical topics, and to offer real-world and often hu1norous examples of each. He does not offer the luxury of viewing d ifficult questions fro1n a position of abstracted detachment and safety. Rather, he hurls readers straight into the teeth of the sconn and allows che1n co feel the raw terror, wonder, and exhilaration chat rightly belong co the study of philosophy. His 1nenu cannot be improved upon. With a beautiful opening chapter on the nature of ph ilosophical chinking and remarkably concise chapters on the 1nosc engaging issues in philosophy, and with a nice 1nix of classic and conce1nporary philosophers, chis is a terri fic text.

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