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Solubility Of Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate In Water And Sodium Metaborate Solutions Pdf

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Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate

Claims priority, application Great Britain Augu's'tfl, 19 52 8 Glaims. In order to reduce the cost of transportation', and forother' reasons, iris desirable 'to remove some or' 'all of the "water from borax, as by' dehydration; However; available 'method's'for' doing that are either less efie'ctive thanlmaybe desired 'or are com'merciallyinco'nvenientbecause of.

The starting material may comprise primarily sodium tetraborate, for example ordinary borax or the pentahy-. The monohydrate' is not 'formedat temperatures he 2,, Patented Dec. As the working temperature is increased, equilibrium'is more rapidly reached, but at higher temperatures, for examplvabove'abo'ut" "' the working pressure may be inconveniently high.

Theterm water-content is used in the present speci-" fication and claimsto meanthe total amountofwater,. A full understanding of the invention andof its further objects 'and advantages will be had from thefollowingide' sc'ription of certain-illustrativemanners of carryingit out. However, the particulars "of that'description', and of the " accompanyingidrawings which form-a part of it, are not intended as a limitation upon thescope'of theinventi'on,.

Fig22 -is a diagram-corresponding in'part to Fig. Thus thepoint B has the composition of puresodium' tetraborate 'monohydrate Aiiy mixture of sodiumborate-and water within the range indicated, onheating:to' 0. The nature'of the solid'phase or phases that separate is' indicated on' the diagram, denoting the monohydr-ate 'and' 2z5i5the Angers borate.

The values 'of those" I I 1 Thus -themixture whose composition is represented by the point W two quantities for three particular illustrative temperatures are as folows:. It will be seen that the side AB of that field alters its inclination to the 0. With a suitable choice of temperature and water content, any ratio from about 0. At temperatures above C. At temperatures below about C. The resulting slurry of monohydrate crystals was then discharged under pressure through a filter press.

After filtration, compressed air was passed through the press to remove mother liquor as completely as possible. The filter cake, consisting'of monohydrate crystals with adherent mother liquor, was broken up and stirred with not be used eifectively, since a mixture of the monohy- I drate and Augers borate is then deposited.

Between and C. But if the water content is taken toolow a viscous mixture is obtained which crystallizes only slowly and from which the resulting crystals are diflicult to sep-. It has been found preferable for operation at working temperatures between C. After filtration to separate the monohydrate crystals from the main body of the solution, effective washing of the crystal mass obtained depends to an important degree on the crystal size.

The most eflicient conditions are those which give a proper balance between yield of monohydrate and as large as possible crystal size. It has been found that a molar ratio of 0. It is to be understood, however, that the invention is not limited to these conditions, but includes molar ratios as high as 0. It has been found that with molar ratios above about 0. The folowing specific examples represent illustrative preferred methods for the production of sodium tetraborate monohydrate in accordance with the invention.

The mixture gives a gross composition of The product was washed in the centrifuge by spraying with cold water, and the washings were removed as completely as possible. The autoclave charge was:. Th autoclave charge consisted of:. The working temperature was C. From one sample of the monohydrate prepared according to the invention, the following X-ray difiraction data were obtained:. Inthe drawings: Fig.

The values 'of those" I I 1 Thus -themixture whose composition is represented by the point W two quantities for three particular illustrative temperatures are as folows: - In Fig. The crystals were then rapidly dried in a current of hot air. The yield of sodium tetraborate monohydrate was 1. The yield of monohydrate was 2.

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DKB en. Methods of the methanol synthesis catalyst containing copper oxide and procedure for its preparation. The crystallization of anatase and rutile from amorphous titanium dioxide under hydrothermal conditions.

Boron in Cleaners and Detergents

Boron truly is an integral part of modern life. Aside from its numerous primary applications—as a component in borosilicate glass, textile fiberglass, agriculture, wood protection, industrial processes, detergents, metallurgy, insulation, energy production, adhesives, and ceramics—boron and borates are used to:. Gypsum board is widely used for internal walls and ceilings. Adding Optibor to the gypsum slurry promotes the formulation of large bulky crystals as opposed to long needle-like ones. These crystals impart a more rigid character, strengthening the board and providing a harder outer edge. They also result in faster drying times. Optibor also reacts with sodium found in many gypsum deposits , preventing the sodium from creating wrinkles in the paper backing as the wallboard dries.

Sodium perborate

Product Number: All applicable American Elements product codes, e. Supplier details: American Elements Weyburn Ave. Suspected of damaging fertility. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do.

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Boron in Other Applications

Its name is sometimes abbreviated as PBS.

This application is a continuation-in-part of U. Sodium perborate, a known material, is used both in the form of the so-called tetrahydrate and in the form of the so-called monohydrate in detergent, bleaching and cleaning agents. The designations for the various perborates employed above and also in the following description do not correspond to the scientific nomenclature, but they are common forms in the art. In addition to the active oxygen content, the exterior form, the nature of the surface, the grain size distribution, the bulk density, the shelf life, and the rate of dissolution play an important part for the selection of a perborate for a specific application, e.

US3553140A - Perborate containing concentrates - Google Patents

Borates in many forms are used to produce laundry detergents, household or industrial cleaners, and hand soaps. Borates or perborates are used in many household and industrial products for cleaning metals, glass, sinks, bathtubs, toilets, floors, and machinery. The choice of borate depends on the type, composition, and quality of the final product. For more than years, borates have been used in a variety of household and industrial laundry detergent formulations.

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The solubilities of sodium perborate tetrahydrate were measured in water and sodium metaborate solutions as a function of the temperature. The results obtained in the temperature range (11 to 30) degrees C in the solutions containing sodium metaborate at concentrations up to 5 mass % were compared with previous work.

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Claims priority, application Great Britain Augu's'tfl, 19 52 8 Glaims.