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Hvac Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

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This page provides sample HVAC technician interview questions as well of lots of general advice for your next interview. It can be asked a few different ways, but it is most often used to start an interview. With all answers, the two biggest things that you want to keep in mind are what the employer is looking for in a technician using the job listing ad as our guide and what skills and experiences you have as a technician.

HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Interviewers need to know which questions to ask potential HVAC technicians, and how to interpret the answers they give back. Meanwhile, preparation helps job seekers make the best possible impression, increasing their chances of scoring that dream HVAC job. You can never prepare for every single question, but practicing ahead of time can ease your nerves and help you speak more eloquently. As a candidate, you might even find it useful to write out answers ahead of time or to practice speaking them aloud. Read on!

HVAC Interview Questions & Answers

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Fan Coil Unit Systems

A fan coil unit FCU contains a fan which draws the air in a space into the unit then blows it over a cooling or heating coil. The air comes out of the FCU either cooler or hotter than before. They are used in some office buildings and shopping centres and typically specified where there are multiple small spaces requiring individual control. FCUs are, however, most commonly used as a supplement to a building for which other HVAC systems provide the majority of the air-conditioning.

Do you need to have an HVAC system maintenance check? And even if your HVAC system is several years old, it seems to be running just fine. HVAC systems, however, do need regular maintenance. Think of it this way. Imagine you bought a brand-new car.

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Q1 What is the Unit of Heat? Types of Heat:Sensible Heat: It can be sensed or measured by an ordinary dry bulb thermometer. Eg: Human body temperature can be measured using thermometer Latent Heat: It cant be sensed or measured by an ordinary dry bulb thermometer. It is a hidden heat. Latent heat is absorbed or released when ever there is a change in phase. Q6 How much Fresh Air do you provide in a Bedroom?

The direct expansion system in HVAC has been growing rapidly due to its ability to get rid of most duct work and piping. The popularity of this system is because the installation work has been made easier hence reducing the cost of the overall system. The DX System works in such a way that the evaporator is located in the space to be refrigerated. When the refrigerant in the evaporator coil expanded, it will cool the space by absorbing the heat from it. The mini splits , window air conditioner and packaged units are examples of such system.

HVAC Technician Job Interview Questions and Answers

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