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The 99 Beautiful Divine Names of Allah

Glory be to God, beyond any associations. And He is Exalted in Power, the Wise. Quran Al-Hadid The Divine Names As humanity evolved along the path of spirituality, various aspects and attributes of divinity were sensed. Climbing higher on the scale of the holy path, Man discovered more facets of Allah, or whatever one may call the Absolute.

Gradually, the hidden Isis unveiled, and is still unveiling her beauty--her naked Truth. Discovering himself, man discovered God; and the more he grew in self-awareness, the more he discovered the treasures, the various divine elements unawakened within his essence.

This was how the various names of God came into existence. Primitive cultures might have referred to the unseen Intelligence with a single appellation, but as they grew in maturity, in awareness, wisdom and understanding, as they unfolded their own innate divinity, more attributes were realized and names were assigned to the God they worshipped, for man inherently felt that the awakened virtues he had are possessed in full perfection by the Source of All.

The amount of God-names expands as man develops his Spirit-awareness. What man formally understood broadly, he now began to apperceive the details, the minor rays of the One Light; and these details, he may subsequently discover, further differentiate themselves ad infinitum. These divine rays or virtues of Allah were personified by the ancients ushering man from the animistic stage to the polytheistic phase.

Almost all of the ancient cultures had their pantheons of gods and goddesses, representing externally the inherent, and somewhat dormant spectrum of divine virtues lying hidden within man. Though man be made in God's image, possessing the seeds of divinity, he still reflects poorly the divine attributes and aspects of his Progenitor; thus humanity still needs to grow into God's image and attain its own beautification, acquiring the state of perfection, the evolutionary stage called "Insan Kamil," or "Perfect Human Being.

Human beings do evolve into perfection and attain god status as exclaimed by the prophets, "ye are intrinsically gods! The gods are embodiments of the ideal and various esoteric practice revolves around the assumption of the forms and characteristics of the gods and goddesses in order to quicken the magician's own divinity and to produce occult effects.

The gods, however, do bow in reverence to Allah, the One Essence recognizing and understanding more than what is known to mortal minds. In Islam, and in al-Hikmah, in general, human figures are not permitted to represent Allah or the divine attributes, as they are considered sacrilegious. Even the portrait of the Prophet was not saved for posterity. This was to avoid making a cult around the personality of the Messenger as was unfortunately done with the Piscean Master.

One of the teachings of Islam is that angels do not descend into houses filled with dogs and images.

Though fundamentalists may adhere to the rule of the letter, esoterically, this refers to the unrestrained desires and the idols of the mind. The Divine Ray of the Holy Spirit has trouble entering man through the crown chakra blocked with psychic toxins generated by the impure mind and emotions.

This is the esoteric interpretation of Christ knocking at the door and waiting for entry. He who would not purify himself causes the portal to remain barred. There is an interesting account about images: during the early days of the promulgation of Islam by the walis or saints in Indonesia, the Islamic leaders encountered a problem as the indigenous people of Java were fond of the shadow-puppet theatrical plays.

These puppets were in the shape of human figures. In keeping with the Islamic law that human icons were not allowed to be portrayed, they sought to ban this traditional entertainment but feared causing an uproar as a consequence. One of the Walis known as Sunan Kalijaga, intervened, however.

His keen mind saw the potential of the plays as a media in conveying the moral. To comply with the teachings of Islam, he proposed that the human figures of the puppets be caricaturized. Thus deformed images of the shadow-puppets came into being.

Samples of these may be found all over our website. The Divine Names in Islam that have traditionally been passed on to us are 99 in number; the word "Allah" rounds the number to The "Beautiful Divine Names" is probably the development of the 72 divine names of the Schemhamphoras, the 10 God-Names of the Qaballistic Tree of Life, and the other numerous appellations of God to be found in Jewish scriptures. Scholars of Islam may debate as to the legitimacy of the 99 names as a whole, whether they are a revelation from God and a true teaching of the Prophet, or whether they are simply concocted by man; but as occultists, this is of no import.

The names are archetypal and may be experienced as realities within the recesses of one's psyche. Each letter of the Arabic alphabet has a numerological value and is said to be associated with khodams, or angelic servants.

The letters are embodiments or are representative of cosmic energies. The combined letters forming the Divine Names are in turn associated with other spirit khodams or classes of the angelic hierarchy. Having numerical values, the combined letters of the Divine Names represent metaphysical structures mathematically-based that possesses esoteric significances. Practitioners normally chant the Names the number of times in accord with its total value. The numerical value of a Name resonates with the power that it represents.

Thus chanting the value of a Name or one of its expression mathematically derived therefrom, invokes the power, grace and virtues of the Name into the magician's consciousness. The figures in the table below, extracted from old manuscripts, is the result of just one numerological method of calculating the value of the Names.

The Arabic letters, not the Latin, have been used as a basis for this calculation; the various methods of acquiring the value of a Name will not be given here as they are related to initiatic transmissions. The khodam familiars assigned to the Divine Names may actually represent an angelic class rathers than to specific individual spirits judging from the vague statements of certain Islamic authors.

According to our compilation of the list below, some angels are associated with more than one Divine Name; thus for instance we have 'Athfayail as the guardian of Al-Lathif and Ash Shakur. As to the accuracy of the list, we leave that to the practitioner to discover through direct experience.

Practical Usage Above we initimated that the angels of the Divine Names may be known through direct experience. In the occult practices of Ilmu Hikmah, the beautiful appellati. Log in Get Started. Download for free Report this document. Embed Size px x x x x Quran Al-Hadid The Divine Names As humanity evolved along the path of spirituality, various aspects and attributes of divinity were sensed.

99 Names of Allah (Al Asma Ul Husna)

Glory be to God, beyond any associations. And He is Exalted in Power, the Wise. Quran Al-Hadid The Divine Names As humanity evolved along the path of spirituality, various aspects and attributes of divinity were sensed. Climbing higher on the scale of the holy path, Man discovered more facets of Allah, or whatever one may call the Absolute.

Hoo W Allah-ul-Lazi 99 Noble Names of Allah mp3 audio is available in the best quality online which you can listen, download, and share among your friends. The art of Islamic calligraphy hails from Islamic religious teaching itself, i. The 99 names of Allah are presented in a nice musical way to help you memorize them. You could not forlorn going next book collection or library or borrowing. Download the audio file to learn, and share with your family and friends on social media. Allah 99 names also called the Asma-ul-Husna and the 99 attributes of Allah.

Read, Listen and Learn 99 Names of Allah. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. Al-'Aleem Al-'Azeez Al. He alone is worthy of File Size: KB. New Testament, and 99 are in the Qur'an.

The Definition of al-Salaf ala and Ahl al-Sunnah wa Wawa' ah, an Explanation of their Belief in the Attributes and Names of Allah and the Foundations that.

Blessed Names and Attributes of Allah

Yaa Raheem, Irhamnee! O Most Merciful, have mercy on me! Faith, or eemaan, comprises different levels.

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Learning and memorising the names of Allah SWT will help us to identify the correct way to believe in Him. To Him belong the best names. Verily, there are 99 names for Allah, i. He who enumerates them would get into Paradise.

99 Names Of Allah With Meaning Pdf

The right of Abdur Raheem Kidwai to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted by him in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, Whatever is in the heavens and the earth extols His glory. His are the most excellent names.

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99 Names of Allah (Al Asma ul Husna)

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