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Treasurers and controllers both serve important financial functions within a company, but their responsibilities are quite different. Financial controllers head the accounting department, in a way, since they supervise the accountants and manage the books of the company. Treasurers, on the other hand, are essentially financial advisors to their management.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Modern CFO – A Function in Transition

The chief financial officer CFO is officer of a company that has primary responsibility for managing the company's finances , including financial planning , management of financial risks , record-keeping, and financial reporting. In some sectors, the CFO is also responsible for analysis of data. The CFO typically reports to the chief executive officer CEO and the board of directors and may additionally have a seat on the board. The CFO supervises the finance unit and is the chief financial spokesperson for the organization. The CFO directly assists the chief operating officer COO on all strategic and tactical matters relating to budget management, cost—benefit analysis, forecasting needs, and securing of new funding.

The Changing Role of the CFO

This note profiles the role of the modern chief financial officer CFO. It presents insights based on a variety of surveys and descriptions of HBS graduates who hold or have held the CFO role. Although the role varies significantly from one organization to another, CFOs are currently responsible for far more than tracking financial figures. Jun 14, Revised: Oct 31, Fritz Foley, Michael Lemm. Educator Copy. Add to Coursepack.

A recent examination of the role of CFOs in Europe revealed some common factors determining success. There are four distinct types of CFO according to the scope of their responsibilities, and this has a significant effect on the performance of a financial institution, both during and after the crisis. Our view is that CFOs must reach beyond their traditional, statutory duties and play a leading role in several strategic processes. Oliver Wyman Ideas offers our most recent insights on issues of importance to senior business leaders. Chief Financial Officers were encouraged to integrate strategy and planning, to reinforce the operational links between finance, risk and line management, and to improve in internal controls. Industry Financial Services. Oliver Wyman Ideas App Oliver Wyman Ideas offers our most recent insights on issues of importance to senior business leaders.

Preparing Professional Accountants for. Finance Leadership. Principles Guiding the Role and Expectations of a CFO. A professional chief financial officer (CFO).

The CFO Role Revisited

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Maintaining the fiscal health of your company is a team effort, and with changing technological capabilities and market conditions, the roles of all the executive team members continue to evolve. The CFO and the controller are the principle players who manage day-to-day financial operations; the CFO is responsible for keeping the company on track by aligning internal operations with external market conditions, while the controller manages the daily operations to keep cash moving in and out to fuel operations. For some companies, especially smaller operations, the functions of CFO and controller tend to blur, so in the next two blog posts we want to outline the roles of CFO and controller as they have evolved today.

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