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Mass Customisation And Personalisation In Architecture And Construction Pdf

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Mass Customization in the House Building Industry: Literature Review and Research Directions

This book deals with the topic of mass customisation in sports and focuses on the sneaker market. For this reason, the literature on individualisation and mass customisation is firstly analyzed to subsequently discuss the market for mass customised sneakers. Later, a total of 23 research hypotheses are proposed and empirically tested. To achieve this goal, an online-based quantitative research study including questionnaires was conducted. Results reveal that creating individuality is an important intention for consumers to purchase customised sneakers. This is also positively associated with a higher willingness to pay.

Virtually all executives today recognize the need to provide outstanding service to customers. Focusing on the customer, however, is both an imperative and a potential curse. But as customers and their needs grow increasingly diverse, such an approach has become a surefire way to add unnecessary cost and complexity to operations. Companies throughout the world have embraced mass customization in an attempt to avoid those pitfalls and provide unique value to their customers in an efficient manner. Readily available information technology and flexible work processes permit them to customize goods or services for individual customers in high volumes and at a relatively low cost. But many managers at these companies have discovered that mass customization, too, can produce unnecessary cost and complexity. They are realizing that they did not examine thoroughly enough what kind of customization their customers would value before they plunged ahead with this new strategy.

Mass customization as a state-of-the-art production paradigm aims to produce individualized, highly variant products and services with nearly mass production costs. A major side-effect for companies providing complex products and services is that customers quite often get confused by the high variety and do not make a purchase. Personalization technologies can help to alleviate the challenges of mass customization. These technologies support customers in specifying products and services that fit their wishes and needs in a fashion where decision and interaction efforts with sales support systems are significantly reduced. We provide a short overview of related research and the articles that are part of this special issue on Personalization and Mass Customization. By tailoring the representation of products and services, several improvements can be achieved.

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Mass customization and personalization are widely appreciated as viable and promising strategies which aim to provide products and services that best serve individuals' personal needs with near mass production efficiency. Mass Customization for Personalized Communication Environments: Integrating Human Factors focuses on the customization of services and communication environments to advance user satisfaction and provide a total redefinition of the way goods and services are created or sold and customers and vendors interact. This authoritative collection of chapters offers relevant theoretical foundations, principles, methodologies, frameworks, and best practices within the field of research. Mass Customization for Personalized Communication Environments: Integrating Human Factors provides pragmatic references, analysis, new methodologies, and architectures that tend to approach the subject more comprehensively providing latest suggestions and solutions. I will be using e-access as an:. Add to Cart. In Stock.

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Construction waste states the largest waste fraction even in highly industrialized countries and buildings are among the most expensive goods that we produce.

Mass Customisation in Sports: An Insight into the Sneaker Market

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Systems for Construction Management View all 5 Articles. Mass customization is a manufacturing paradigm that enables customized and personalized design at a cost near mass production. Mass customization's ability to lower unit cost, increase quality, and shorten project duration for customized offerings is considered highly relevant for tomorrow's house building industry. Therefore, through a literature review, this research investigates state-of-the-art in mass customization in the house building industry from four perspectives: 1 mass customization in the house building industry, 2 modular and off-site construction, 3 construction supply chains, and 4 customer satisfaction. It is concluded that a great potential exists for applying mass customization in the house building industry.


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PDF | Challenged by the recent economic crisis, the building and construction industry is currently seeking new orientation and strategies.

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Challenged by the recent economic crisis, the building and construction industry is currently seeking new orientation and strategies. Here mass customisation is.