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India is speeding up the web ladder to touch yet another milestone this year - flaunting the 2nd largest internet user base of a stout million users. The pandemic will push this number further in as the predictions stumble up to a minimum of million users.

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

Admission Guidelines. Academic Admission Sr. Download Download 1. Download 3.

What's New. Morth Website State-wise revised allocation of funds for incurring expenditure on the implementation of work sanctioned under Tribal Sub Plan under LWE Scheme during the financial year View All. Road Safety. Invitation of public comments for access permission to Fuel Stations, Retails Outlets, etc. National Permit System.

Foreigners are currently not allowed to fly drones in India. Why fly a drone in India? To get aerial shots of amazing spots like this! Based on our research and interpretation of the laws, here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in India. Also worth noting is that India has specific requirements regarding the types of features a drone must have to be flown in India excluding those in the Nano category. These mandatory requirements include:.

Admission Guidelines

Public Law Oct. Declaration of policy. National Indian Gaming Commission. Powers of Chairman. Powers of Commission. Commission staffing. Commission; access to information.

It extends to the whole of India except the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It shall come into force on such date as the Central Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, appoint. Explanation II. Ban on advertisement. If any person-.

Government oversight : In the past, the Government has nationalised a number of major commercial banks. While the Government has not made any moves to nationalise the banks any further, the Government has the power to acquire undertakings of an Indian bank in certain situations, including for breach of applicable regulations. The Government has also been and is in the process of merging various public sector banks to strengthen the balance sheets of the banks and also has plans to reduce Government stakes in the public sector banks as part of its disinvestment plans. Foreign banks : There are about 46 foreign banks that have already set up banking operations in India. While foreign banks are currently operating through branch models in India, guidelines have been issued in the year , which require foreign banks to operate through either a wholly-owned subsidiary WOS incorporated in India, or through branches set up in India.

Indian Nursing Council

The country has repealed its colonial-era laws that directly discriminated against homosexual and transgender identities and also explicitly interpreted Article 15 of the Constitution to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. But many legal protections have not been provided for, including same-sex marriage. Transgender people in India are allowed to change their legal gender post- sex reassignment surgery under legislation passed in , and have a constitutional right to register themselves under a third gender. Additionally, some states protect hijras , a traditional third gender population in South Asia through housing programmes, and offer welfare benefits, pension schemes, free operations in government hospitals as well as other programmes designed to assist them. There are approximately , transgender people in India.

Simulation training and skill update for Midwifery Faculty. National florence Nightingale Awards Extension of Last date of Admission for Diploma Programmes.

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Starting 1st March, senior citizens and people over 45 but with comorbidities, can get vaccinated at over 10, Government centers and about 20, private centers; Vaccination at all Government centers will be free. Alok Sharma RDG. India looks forward to the UK leadership to deliver on the unresolved issues of the ParisAgreement including long-term climate finance and other key issues. New India Samachar. The President of India. Shri Prakash Javadekar Cabinet Minister.

Indian Independence Day India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day on 15 August, amidst social distancing. The Indian public has many rights to protect their life, asset, and live dignified life. Some rights are provided in the different provisions of the Indian Constitution and subsequent laws. This article is published to explain some basic laws to the common men. Motor Vehicle Act , section , At the time of driving if your ml. Section of this Motor Vehicle Act limits the maximum two riders on the bikes. This law also says that if the traffic police officer snatches the key from the car or motorcycle, it is illegal.

THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA. (Part I.—The Union and its territory.—Arts. ) Laws made under articles 2 and 3 to provide for the amendment of the. First and​.

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Some of the new changes include strict oversight mechanism involving several ministries. Ravi Shankar Prasad and Prakash Javadekar addressed the media to announce the new rules for OTT platforms, social media and messaging services. Keep a tab of India. OTT and digital news media will have to disclose their details.

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Skip to main content Search. Acts and Rules. Salaries-Services Conditions S No. Family Courts Act, S No. Constitution of India as on 1st April,

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It functions as the nodal body for adoption of Indian children and is mandated to monitor and regulate in-country and inter-country adoptions. CARA is designated as the Central Authority to deal with inter-country adoptions in accordance with the provisions of the Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption, , ratified by Government of India in Adoption means a legal process that allows someone to become the parent of a child, even though the parent and child are not related by blood.

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