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Semiconductors and Electronic Devices by A Bar Lev

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Ahmed2, S. Moiz2, P. Babadzhanov1, R. Marupov1 and M. Thin film samples were deposited from OND solution in water on a nickel substrate it was the first electrode at room temperature at different gravity conditions including, 1 g reference samples , g, g and g by a centrifugal machine. As a second electrode of the samples a gallium drop was used.

It was found that all voltage-current characteristics were asymmetrical with slightly rectification be- havior. The resistances of the samples decrease monotonously with temperature but with acceleration they show minimum around of g. The electric behavior of the samples analyzed by the conception of space-charge limited currents SCLC at the presence of two different kinds of metallic electrodes Ni and Ga in the samples.

Introduction than that of the reference samples. In [6] it was in- vestigated the electrical conductivity of films com- The organic semiconductors may be found suit- posed of two photosensitive organic semiconductors able for application in many fields of electronics poly-N-epoxipropylcarbazole and copper phthalo- depending of their response to electrical conductiv- cyanine deposited from solution at different gravity ity [1,2] and very often it determines the character- conditions from 1 g to g.

It was found 1. For example, the efficiency of fold increase in the conductivity and 2-fold decrease organic solar cells is generally limited due to the low of activation energy with increased acceleration. This Deposition of copper phthalocyanine organic thin investigation deals with organic semiconductor such films in high gravity by physical vapor transport was as orange nitrogen dye OND that has the potential studied in [7].

It was shown that the optical absorp- for applications in electronic engineering. It is known tion increased with increasing acceleration during that the structure and properties of organic semicon- film growth. Moreover, the peaks shifted to lower ductors highly depends upon their processing tech- wavelengths values as the acceleration was increased.

For strained. The poly- because fabrication of their is simple, inexpensive N-epoxipropylcarbazole films grown from solution and may be promising especially for different kind during rapid stirring [5] showed higher conductivity of sensors for electronic devices. E-mail: khasan giki. Here polymer thin films were out any additional heating. At the acceleration of formed by the solution-casting method.

In [10] it was g, g and g the processing time of studied three kinds of phthalocyanine Pc thin film 50 minutes, minutes and minutes, re- solar cells, i. Reference evaporation. The cells showed rectification and pho- samples were deposited at 1 g and took more time to tovoltaic effects in the visible wavelength region.

Visual inspection showed that Electric properties of some organic films depos- the red color of OND was evenly distributed at high ited at high gravity was analyzed by the conception gravity implying more homogenous films as com- of space-charge limited currents SCLC [11] that pared to the film deposited at 1 g. In some ductive organic thin films it would be important to experiments as a first and a second electrodes two investigate their electrical properties with different gallium drops were used, i.

The thick- form ohmic contact or Schottky type barrier. In this ness of the films was determined by the measuring paper we present the results of investigations of elec- of weight of the deposited matter with density of tric properties by measurement of voltage-current OND taken as 0. It was also estimated characteristics of OND thin films deposited from by scanning electron microscopy. The thickness was solution at high gravity conditions by centrifugation.

It was observed that the thickness Experimental of the films decreases with the increasing accelera- tion. It may also be pointed out that the thickness is In this work commercially produced OND calculated assuming a constant density, however, the C17H17N5O2 was used.

Figure 1 shows the molecu- density of materials may increase at high gravity. Thin film samples were deposited surements may give larger than true values.

A tabletop centrifugal machine [6] was used for the deposition of films on the 15 mm diameter nickel Results and Discussion substrate 0. The substrate was placed inside an aluminum vessel, which was Figures 2 and 3 shows, as examples, the voltage- mounted in the centrifugal machine. For every experiment two symmetrically in- tential applied to the gallium electrode. It is seen that characteristics are quasi-linear with slightly rectifica- C2H5 tion behavior: forward bias is observed at positive O2N N N N potential applied to gallium and reverse one — at posi- C2H4CN tive potential applied to nickel electrode.

This figures Fig. Molecular structure of orange nitrogen dye OND. Karimov et al. Voltage-current characteristics of OND film deposit- Fig. Temperature oC Fig. It means resistance is not determined plied voltages respectively.

It is seen tor as well. The averaged room tempera- ture conductivity of samples deposited at 1 g was 60 equal to 2. It is 40 1 seen that the dependences have minimum around of 30 g — g. This result has practical importance: any decrease of the resistance of the organic semi- 20 2 conductor films obtained by some technological 10 modification decreases internal resistance of the semiconductor devices made from this material and 0 0 finally increase in the efficiency of the one, for ex- Acceleration Gravity ample, solar cells.

On the other hand the decrease in Fig. Therefore de- tion ratio RR , as a ration of forward to reverse cur- tectable conduction is observed. It is should be less, in comparison with the case of Ga seen that RR decreases with temperature and accel- electrode, because of higher barrier for electrons eration as well.

In the result in last case conduction should be less as in previous one. Voltage-current characteristics of OND films de- 1.

In some 0. The observed V-C characteristics may sample were fabricated from Ga. It is seen that V-C be explained with conception of space-charge-lim- curves are quasi-linear but symmetric unlike to the ited currents SCLC at the presence of two different case where as electrodes nickel and gallium were kinds of metallic electrodes.

At relatively low volt- used. The sulted by different nature of electrodes, in particu- Ni-OND-Ga samples from one hand like to ohmic re- lar, by work function of their the work function for sistor but from the other hand they have asymmetric Ni and Ga are equal to 5.

So the in- tively. Really the following picture seems reflects formation obtained in the research may be used in conduction process in this case: when positive po- the development of organic semiconductor diodes tential is applied to gallium electrode, from OND it with linear forward bias V-C characteristics that is is p-type semiconductor sufficiently much electrons especially important in order to decrease of non-lin- drifted to Ga that means the same number of holes ear distortions in the low voltage domain.

Regel and W. Wilcox ed. A, , p. Karimov, Kh. Akhmedov, M. Mahroof- water at different gravity conditions accelerations Tahir, R. Gul, A. Ashurov, in L. Regel and were from 1 g up to g by centrifugation Wilcox ed.

Karimov, S. Bellingeri, Y. Abe, in L. Regel asymmetrical with slightly rectification behavior. New York, U. Fu-Ren Fan, Faulkner L. Applied — g. The resistance of the samples was less Physics, Rudiono, Okazaki S. Films, Karimov Kh. S, Akhmedov Kh. M, Marupov R. F, Lyons L. Organic semiconductors, Academy of Sciences, Part A, Krieger Robert E. Publishing Company, Maissel, in L. Maissel and R.

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Published by Prentice Hall From: Anybook Ltd. Lincoln, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:. About this Item: Prentice Hall, Condition: Fair.

Influence of pH Preparation on the Photo-Response. Bar-Lev s Home Page. Adir Bar-Lev. Vogel, , Music, pages. Through interviews with many of the leading lyricists, aided. Transition and diffusion capacitance Zener diodes Schottky.

Ben G. Steetman. pp. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Price: $ Semiconductors and Electronic Devices. Adir Bar-Lev. pp. Prentice-​Hall.

Adir Bar-lev - Semiconductors And Electronic Devices

Effective date : Two or more erase sectors blocks in a given physical sector of the array. When after erasing a target block, determining whether a neighbor block needs to be refreshed by checking a sub-population of Vt distributions at a given program level. Various timings and strategies for performing the refresh operation are disclosed.

Semiconductor and electronic devices

This application claims priority from U. Provisional Patent Application No.

Semiconductor and electronic devices

Published by Prentice Hall From: Anybook Ltd. Lincoln, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:. About this Item: Prentice Hall, Condition: Fair. This book has hardback covers.

A buried contact etch stop layer CESL is disposed between adjacent diffusions in a semiconductor device, such as between bitlines in a memory array. The CESL may be self-aligned to the diffusions, and may prevent misaligned bitline BL contacts from contacting silicon outside of the corresponding bitlines. The bitline contacts may have sufficient overlap of the bitlines to ensure full coverage by the bitlines. The CESL may comprise nitride or any other material that is harder more resistant to etch than the material on top of it. Provisional Application No. The disclosure relates to techniques for fabricating semiconductor devices and, more particularly, to forming arrays of non-volatile memory NVM cells. The transistor is a solid state semiconductor device which can be used for amplification, switching, voltage stabilization, signal modulation and many other functions.

catalog search · Search tips. Options. Semiconductors and electronic devices / Adir Bar-Lev., Bar-Lev, Adir.

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US8339865B2 - Non binary flash array architecture and method of operation - Google Patents

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larly to students of electronic engineer- ing and materials science. P D Scovell. Semiconductors and Electronic. Devices (2nd edn) Adir Bar-Lev

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