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The British East India Company slowly and gradually expanded its trading activities in India by getting permission from the then ruling powers, the Mughals and the local rulers. The British East India Company in its desire to become a political power realized that it had to eliminate the other European companies from trading activity and so obtained permission to build forts and to improve its military strength. After making thorough preparations, the British East India Company acquired its foothold firmly in Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa by its victories in the battles of Plassey and Buxar


After a long and difficult campaign the bulk of the territory was subdued by After the war the military occupation was transformed into a League of Nations mandate territory of Tanganyika in , under British administration Columbia Encyclopaedia , US State Department Initially the British used the governing structures established by the Germans to exercise rule over Tanganyika, but under the Governorship of Sir Donald Cameron they attempted to implement the system of indirect rule that the Germans had failed to achieve Mpangala In the absence of traditional rulers, and in lieu of the Swahili dominated structures favoured by the Germans, the British attempted to consolidate smaller social groupings into local councils and courts over which they placed local rulers Mpangala , , History World undated. These new administrative structures were in no way accountable to the people that they ruled over, but were responsible to the colonial power that appointed them. The consequence was growing discontent with colonial rule as the appointees abused their positions to advance their own interests, economically and politically marginalising those whose interests they were supposed to be furthering PBS Foundation Undated. To represent the interest of the white settlers to the colonial government an advisory Legislative Council was established by the British in Dar es Salaam in

This article will help candidates understand the expansion and consolidation of British rule in India. The British who came to India for trade eventually became the political master of India. From Battle of Plassey to annexation of Punjab in , the entire Indian sub-continent had been brought under British control. Apart from outright wars they employed methods like Subsidiary Alliance and Doctrine of Lapse to expand and consolidate their empire in India. Conquest of Bengal. This Farman granted English East India Company freedom to export and import their goods in Bengal without paying taxes.

The Expansion and the Consolidation of the British in India

A pension of Rs 1, per annum was fixed for Mir Jafar. Course of War. The treaty guaranteed peace between the two sides for twenty years. The main provisions of the Treaty of Salbai were:. The main reasons were as follows. The provisions of the treaty were as follows:.

This article analyzes the historic relationship between religion and politics in Ireland by focusing on the impact of British rule in Ireland and its aftermath on the formation and evolution of Irish identity. My research suggests that one cannot appreciate the role of religion in Irish politics without taking into consideration the impact of British rule in Ireland. This article builds upon previous scholarship that explores the relationship between national and religious identity. However, my argument focuses on the effects of British imperialism rather than other approaches emphasized in previous studies. I posit that the best way to understand how Catholicism became so linked with Irish identity is by focusing on the colonial experience.

Telegraphic Imperialism pp Cite as. Between and , the Indian Empire emerged as a crucial strategic element in both the cable and overland telegraph networks of the British Empire. However, less than 70 years later, by , the Indo-European Telegraph Department was desperately trying to liquidate its holdings as it wound up operations. This book examines these 70 years in the context of the imperial telegraph system. By , two main overland lines serviced the connection with India. Fao was connected by submarine cable to Bushehr where it met the overland line from Tehran via Isfahan and Shiraz: both these lines were under the management of the Indo-European Telegraph Department of the Government of India.

Tanzania: British rule between the Wars (1916-1945)

During the nineteenth century, industrialization shifted the economy of Great Britain to primarily large-scale industries, and with this, competitive commercial companies began being founded. The East India Trading Company and others began seeking materials from foreign territories, as the British people could afford more luxuries than ever before. In territories such as India, the British began being absorbed into the trade communities and eventually took steps to overtake the governments Gandhi. As the British Empire developed, however, it was not without great opposition and conflict.

At the height of its territorial jurisdiction, it covered large parts of what is now South Asia and Southeast Asia. Bengal proper covered the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal present-day Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. Calcutta , the city which grew around Fort William , was the capital of the Bengal Presidency.

Take a look at the map of India in the textbook. Observe the places which belonged to the different European companies. Since the ancient period, India was an important trading centre. In course of time, the nature of trade had changed. Trading networks had opened up and now instead of individual merchants, companies came to be formed that engaged in trade.

Forging a New India in a Telegraph World: Expansion and Consolidation within India

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