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Some fungi are used for the fermentation of Cocaobeans. Academic Partner.

So they are our friends as well as enemy. Ravages of fungi: - 1 and hair penicillin from Penicillium notatum are beneficial Agriculture. Thus they help in controlling the population of pests. Some fungi are used for bioremediation. It is also used to control bleeding post-child-birth.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) OF KINGDOM FUNGAI

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Chapter 31 Fungi Multiple-Choice Questions. Raja Karamit. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Please refer to the following information to answer the following questions.

Diploid nuclei of the ascomycete Neurospora crassa contain 14 chromosomes. A single diploid cell in an ascus will undergo one round of meiosis, followed in each of the daughter cells by one round of mitosis, producing a total of eight ascospores. Answer: C Topic: Concept B lichens are not purely mutualistic relationships. C algae require maximal contact with the fungal partner in order to grow at optimal rates. E soredia are asexual reproductive structures combining both the fungal and photosynthetic partners.

A They provide organic nutrients to fungal partners. B They secrete acids that keep the fungal partner from growing too quickly. C They are in intimate associations with chytrids. D They are digested by fungal enzymes while still alive. E They contain endosymbiotic fungi. Answer: A Topic: Concept The most important concern of grape farmers who engage in this practice should be that the A fungicide might also kill the native yeasts residing on the surfaces of the grapes.

D fungicide might also kill mycorrhizae. E sheeting is transparent so that photosynthesis can continue. Answer: D 78 Orchid seeds are tiny, with virtually no endosperm and with miniscule cotyledons. If such seeds are deposited in a dark, moist environment then which of these represents the most likely means by which fungi might assist in seed germination, given what the seeds lack? A by transferring some chloroplasts to the embryo in each seed B by providing the seeds with water and minerals C by providing the embryos with some of the organic nutrients they have absorbed D by strengthening the seed coat that surrounds each seed Answer: C Topic: Concept The yeast grows on the exteriors of rose-bush thorns.

If a human gets pricked by such a thorn, the yeasts can be introduced under the skin. The yeasts then assume a hyphal morphology and grow along the interiors of lymphatic vessels until they reach a lymph node. This often results in the accumulation of pus in the lymph node, which subsequently ulcerates through the skin surface, and drains. A Do these yeasts perform fermentation while growing on the rose-bush thorns, or do they wait until inside a human host?

B Does S. C Are the hyphae in lymphatic vessels septate, or are they coenocytic? E Being a yeast, does S. Answer: B Topic: Concept Asci were later discovered in the pus that oozed from an ulcerated lymph node, and the spores therein germinated, giving rise to S. Which two of these are conclusions that make sense on the basis of this information? The hyphae growing in lymphatic vessels probably belonged to a different fungal species.

Given that a successful infection by S. A The hyphae secrete antibiotics, which increases the ability of the infected human to tolerate the fungus. C Defensive cells of humans cannot detect foreign cells that are covered with cell walls composed of cellulose. D Given that most fungal pathogens attack plants, human defenses are simply not adapted to seek out and destroy fungi.

E Given that most fungal pathogens of humans infect only the skin, human defenses are not adapted to seek out and destroy systemic fungal infections. A the absence of chitin within the cell wall B coenocytic hyphae C flagellated spores D formation of resistant zygosporangia E parasitic lifestyle Answer: C Topic: Skill:3 Which of the following cells or structures are associated with asexual reproduction in fungi?

A ascospores B basidiospores C zygosporangia D conidiophores E ascocarps Answer: D Topic: Skill:4 The adaptive advantage associated with the filamentous nature of fungal mycelia is primarily related to A the ability to form haustoria and parasitize other organisms. B avoiding sexual reproduction until the environment changes.

C the potential to inhabit almost all terrestrial habitats. D the increased probability of contact between different mating types.

E an extensive surface area well suited for invasive growth and absorptive nutrition. The hydrolytic digestion of which of the following should produce monomers that are aminated i. If all fungi in an environment that perform decomposition were to suddenly die, then which group of organisms should benefit most, due to the fact that their fungal competitors have been removed? When a mycelium infiltrates an unexploited source of dead organic matter, what are most likely to appear within the food source soon thereafter?

The functional significance of porous septa in certain fungal hyphae is most similar to that represented by which pair of structures in animal cells and plant cells, respectively? What do fungi and arthropods have in common? A Both groups are commonly coenocytic.

B The haploid state is dominant in both groups. C Both groups are predominantly heterotrophs that ingest their food. D The protective coats of both groups are made of chitin. E Both groups have cell walls. Answer: D Fossil fungi date back to the origin and early evolution of plants. What combination of environmental and morphological change is similar in the evolution of both fungi and plants?

The multicellular condition of animals and fungi seems to have arisen A due to common ancestry. B by convergent evolution. C by inheritance of acquired traits. D by natural means, and is a homology. E by serial endosymbioses. Asexual reproduction in yeasts occurs by budding. Which of the following should be true of the smaller cell until it reaches the size of the larger cell?

A It should produce fewer fermentation products per unit time. B It should produce ribosomal RNA at a slower rate. C It should be transcriptionally less active. D It should have reduced motility.

E It should have a smaller nucleus. Figure The fairy ring represents the furthest advance of this mycelium through the soil. Locations A-D are all 0. Responses may be used once, more than once, or not at all. At which location is the mycelium currently absorbing the most nutrients per unit surface area, per unit time? Assume now that all four locations are 0. On a breezy day with prevailing wings blowing from left to right, where should one expect to find the highest concentration of free basidiospores in In which of these human mycoses should one expect to find a growth pattern most similar to that of the mycelium that produced the fairy ring?

Chemicals, secreted by soil fungi, that inhibit the growth of bacteria, are known as A antibodies. In both lichens and mycorrhizae, what does the fungal partner provide to its photosynthetic partner?

The symbiotic associations involving roots and soil fungi are considered A parasitic. B mutualistic. C commensal. D harmful to the plant partner. E the beginning stages of the formation of soil. If all mycorrhizae were somehow disrupted, then which of the following would be true?

A There would be fewer infectious diseases. C There would be no mushrooms for pizza. D Most vascular plants would be stunted in their growth. E Cheeses like blue cheese or Roquefort would not exist. Which of the following best describes the physical relationship of the partners involved in lichens?

A Fungal cells are enclosed within algal cells. B Lichen cells are enclosed within fungal cells. C Photosynthetic cells are surrounded by fungal hyphae.

Fungi Questions Multiple Choice

PMT ]. Iyengar done clear. Kuhn done clear. Meloidogyne javanica done clear. Tolysporium penicillariae done clear. Ustilage nuda done clear. Phytophthora infestans done clear.


Progress Check page ,. Read the whole chapter carefully with figure. Focus on useful and harmful bacteria, Vaccine, antibiotics. Focus on useful and harmful role of fungi. Note : 4 name is given write any three name only.

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Fungi Questions Multiple Choice with Answers. Meaning of Fungi: Fungi Lat. On this page you can read or download chapter 23 section 1 animal characteristics study guide answers in PDF format. What is the difference between Mold and Mildew? Identify which statements are … Mycorrhiza is a relationship of roots of Pinus and a Fungus b Alga c Bacteria d Ants Why is there controversy as to whether a virus is living or non It is possible to find the earliest fungi by looking at modern protists. I will be glad if i can get more information on the same.

These markings include company name or symbol, product code, product name etc. Mask the taste; In some cases drugs are made insoluble and dispensed in the form of suspension to mask the objectionable taste. Stability : Some drugs are not stable in solution form. Unique identification marking: These markings utilize some form of embossing, engraving or printing. Copyright , Engineering Interview Questions. Protists are simple eukaryotic organisms Lichens indicate SO 2 pollution because they. Krankheitsherds is formed in: a Albugo b Pythium c Penicillium d Plamodiophora.

There may be more than one correct answer. Fungi are different from plants because. The majority of Fungal species. Hyphae are. A fungal species is named. Neurospora crassa was used by Beadle and Tatum. Fungi are considered good models for genetic analyses because.

Microorganisms - Friend and Foe-MCQ

Yeast help in the making of bread, tradition food item like idli — dosa, dhokla and khaman, as well as alcohol.

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BIOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION(Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Fungi) biology MCQ’s questions answers

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Kingdom Fungi MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers). Question 1: The wall of Rhizopus hypha is composed of. A) Cellulose. B) Chitin. C) Pectin.

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This is the microbiology questions and answers section on "Fungi - Molds and Microbiology Fungi - Molds and Yeasts quiz questions with answers as PDF files Yeasts Interview Questions and Answers (objective type, multiple choice)?.

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Please refer to the following information to answer the following questions.​Diploid nuclei of the ascomycete Neurospora crassa contain 14 chromosomes.

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The fungi, or mycobionts, are mainly from the Ascomycota with a few from the Basidiomycota.