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Design and implementation of a maintenance planning and control system

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Design and implementation of a maintenance planning and control system International journal of production economics, Gunduz Ulusoy.

Ilhan Or. Nezih Soydan. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Design and implementation of a maintenance planning and control system. IntroductionIn this paper, a preventive maintenance planning and control system designed and implemented in a foundry is presented. Production is accomplished in five different units: Metal preparation, sand mixture preparation, core production, casting, and finishing. Al1 production units except finishing operate in two shifts a day for six days.

Finishing operates in three shifts a day. There are about workers in the foundry. About l20 of them work in the maintenance department. Each division is run by a division head. The work force operates in maintenance teams usually consisting of two workers and a team leader. All planning, data gathering and evaluatiou activities are accomplished by the maintenance planning and control section within the maintenance department.

By the time the work on the maintenance planning and control system started, the maintenance mix at the foundry contained all these elements but the resulting mix was rather unhealthy. What this really meant was an excessive number of failures and downtime hampering the production schedule and causing delays in delivery and resulting in low productivity.

Since the foundry operates on a make-to-order basis, setting competitive due-dates and meeting them are of utmost importance for the survival of the company. Top management was very much concerned about this situation and therefore initiated this study on a new maintenance planning and control system. Initial observations and interviews have indicated that the heavy emphasis on breakdown maintenance could be attributed to several reasons.

First of all, in the near past, PM activities were neglected in favor of unintemrpted production. As a result, the number of failures increased and maintenance capacity was absorbed more and more by breakdown maintenance reducing the share of PM in the total.

Secondly, maintenance planning and control section did not have the resources to reverse the tide. Documentation on how to perform certain crucial PM tasks and even more importantly, documentation on the diagnosis and repair of sorne key equipment were missing.

There was no performance evaluation and monitoring system. The same was also true for maintenance costs.

Approach undertaken in this studyThe basic aim of a maintenance program is the optimum use of available personnel, equipment, facilities, and funds to keep the existing plant at a high level of perfonnance. The additional aims are to increase the productivity of the maintenance work force and to establish a balance between the cost of maintenance and the cost of lost production [2]. Furthermore, upon our recommendation a new clerk has been hired by the maintenance planning and control section whose full-time job is to identify new PM tasks and prepare detailed instructions on how to perform complicated PM tasks, diagnosis, and repair on crucial equip-ments.

The database developed will be discussed in the next section. The main effectiveness of a maintenance plan rests in its ability to compile a good set of PM tasks which are to be accomplished on the following workday. This, of course, depends very much on a well defined and fast selection process involving simple, unambiguous and easily implementable rules and priorities. Such a process has been developed for the preparation of daily pM schedules and will be discussed in sections 4 and 5.

In the system developed such a performance evaluation is implemented through ratio analysis and will be discussed in Section 6. The factors mentioned above would be of limited use without an effective computer support. So, they, have all been integrated into a custom tailored software package forming the heart of the new computerized maintenance planning and control system. Another important aspect considered in the new system is personnel training.

Regular training sossions have been started to increase the level of expertise and hence the productivity of the maintenance personnel. The determination of maintenance costs were not included in the project work since initially the cost of lost production was much ahead of the cost of maintenance putting highest priority on the reduction of downtime than anything else.

Thus the development of a maintenance cost control system was deferred to a later stage ofthe implementation. As a matter of fact, a few months after implementation has started, the maintenance planning and control section initiated the monitoring and regular reporting of maintenance cost figures. The structure ofthe maintenance database As a first step in the database development, all the machinery and equipment present in the system are coded in order to have maintenance tasks for each one of them to be identified uniquely.

The machine code system introduced in the foundry is a hybrid code with 6 digits. An excellent treatise on the design of such codes is given in [3 ]. And in each production unit, machines and equipments are coded separately. Furthermore, a more detailed coding is done by machine subgroups for the composite machines.

Such a machine is composed of more than one element and each one is coded as a subgroup of this machine. Special equipments are movable units meaning that they can be mounted on different machines during their useful life. There are four gIoups of special equipment in the foundry: Electric motors, hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and speed reducers. Since special equipments are movable units, their codes are made independent of on which machine they are currently mounted so as to have a unique code for each special equipment.

Whenever a special equipment is not in operation for some reason, then the PM tasks defined for this equipment are not in effect. When a special equipment waiting in storage is mounted on a machine, then the related PM tasks are activated again.

The data structure of the pM tasks is as follows:. Maintenance task code -Machine code 6 digits -Maintenance group number 2 digits -Maintenance number 2 digits. Special equipment code 4 digits.

Maintenance description. Maintenance duration Maintenance frequency code. Maintenance type. Machine maintenance status. Appropriate shifts. Maintenance criticality rating Maintenance task code serves as the key. It is a lO-digits hybrid code.

The PM tasks are grouped into l8 maintenance groups such as lubrication, bolt tightness control, and V-belt drive change. Maintenance duration represents the standard time to perform a PM task. Maintenance frequency code is represented by a single digit taking on integer values in the range [ 1,8] 1: once a year,2: once every six months, 3: once every three months, 4: once a month, 5: once every fifteen days, 6: once a week, 7: once in every three days, 8: daily.

These frequencies are determined based on previous experience and advice of the machine supplier. Maintenance type is either electrical or mechanical. This characteristic is indicated in the field allocated for machine maintenance status. For some reason a particular maintenance activity night be performed only in a certain shift or shifts during the day. These shifts are called appropriate shifts. Maintenance criticality rating of a PM task is a subjective rating. It takes on integer values in the range [ 1 ,5 ] with " 1 " representing the least critical and "5" the most critical PM tasks.

Scheduling of preventive maintenance tasksScheduling of PM tasks is done on a daily basis. Each day next day's schedule is prepared. In order to be able to schedule the pM tasks one needs to know the PM capacity available next day. The BM workload is estimated by each division head for each maintenance type and for each shift. Since some PM tasks can be performed only when the equipment to be maintained is shut down or only when it is running, the machine schedule for the next day should be known before scheduling the PM tasks.

The scheduling process starts with a set of eligible PM tasks and assigns them to proper shifts in a sequence determined by their priorities until the maintenance capacity available is used up. A separate list ofPM tasks is prepared by continuing the assignments beyond the maintenance capacity available. This is a stand-by list for division heads from which they can make assignments in that order in cases where during the application of the schedule slack maintenance capacity arises due to some reason.

This happens mostly due to overestimation of BM workload. A PM task is included in the eligible set if the following criteria are met. Determination of the priorities of the PM tasks is of crucial importance to the scheduling process and will be dealt with in the next section in detail.

Once the schedule for the next day is determined it is evaluated by the maintenance planner especially with respect to delays in PM tasks.

As short-term remedies he tries to reduce these delays by requesting. The use of the priority concept is of primary concern in the scheduling of PM tasks. Whenever there are more eligible tasks than can be performed, then some selection criteria have to be applied in order to choose from the set of eligible PM tasks. These criteria are aggregated in the form of a priority function. It appears that the issue of priorities has not been addressed extensively in the current literature [4 ].

Priority measures suggested are for the machines rather than for pM tasks. Thus an equipment which causes the largest downtime cost receives the largest priority.

Design and implementation of a maintenance planning and control system

Besides planning and scheduling activities the planners need to ensure that all logistics are provided for, and engage in the financial evaluation of maintenance initiatives. This training course provides the participants with principles of effective maintenance planning, as well as proven techniques for the development of an effective maintenance plan, the planning and control of maintenance work, shutdown management, and management reporting and analysis. Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to:. Besides the presentations, the thrust will be on real-life work-related situations to develop maintenance schedules for preventive and breakdown jobs. Participants will be encouraged to share their own experiences, to stimulate group discussion and efficiency of subject coverage. Case studies and worked out solutions will be given to the delegates upon conclusion of group discussions. View all Testimonials.

(spares) control, maintenance operations and control, planning and of the second edition of the book, including Duffuaa's family wife Samia, daughter.

51+ SAMPLE Maintenance Plan Templates in PDF | MS Word

Maintenance planning and management involves developing, implementing and managing the maintenance requirements, concept, and detailed procedures for a system. This includes who performs the required maintenance tasks and where tasks will be accomplished. It includes identifying all the resources and funding needed to develop and implement the maintenance plan. Related ACQuipedia Articles. Please note that you should expect to receive a response from our team, regarding your inquiry, within 2 business days.

Maximizing assets availability and reliability with the optimal cost are two conflicting objectives that each maintenance department needs to achieve. Maintenance planning and scheduling is the first step needed to assist you in achieving these objectives. Maintenance planning and scheduling are not only about using project management software to schedule tasks. Besides planning and scheduling activities the planner needs to ensure that all logistics are provided for.

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There are maintenance plans that are provided by sellers to their customers especially when an equipment that is prone to having technical problems and other issues is acquired.

Strategic Maintenance Planning

Analyzing maintenance as an integrated system with objectives, strategies and processes that need to be planned, designed, engineered, and controlled using statistical and optimization techniques, the theme of this book is the strategic holistic system approach for maintenance. This approach enables maintenance decision makers to view maintenance as a provider of a competitive edge not a necessary evil. Encompassing maintenance systems; maintenance strategic and capacity planning, planned and preventive maintenance, work measurements and standards, material spares control, maintenance operations and control, planning and scheduling, maintenance quality, training, and others, this book gives readers an understanding of the relevant methodology and how to apply it to real-world problems in industry. Each chapter includes a number exercises and is suitable as a textbook or a reference for a professionals and practitioners whilst being of interest to industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and industrial management students. It can also be used as a textbook for short courses on maintenance in industry. This text is the second edition of the book, which has four new chapters added and three chapters are revised substantially to reflect development in maintenance since the publication of the first edition.

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Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Dynamic Optimization of Process Quality Control and Maintenance Planning Abstract: In this paper, we propose a novel methodology for dynamic optimization of process quality control and maintenance planning while considering the real-time health state of the system. First, by investigating the relationship between product quality and tool degradation, a new tool condition monitoring TCM system for instantaneous diagnostic and prognostic is proposed.

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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. Doctoral thesis. Utgivelsesdato Samlinger Institutt for maskinteknikk og produksjon []. Sammendrag The increased level of complexity in production and global competition demands a reliable plant capacity. To achieve this, it is of vital importance to integrate maintenance with production planning.

It explains how to establish objectives for physical assets and maintenance resources, and how to formulate an appropriate life plan for plant. It then shows how to use the life plans to formulate a preventive maintenance schedule for the plant as a whole, along with a maintenance organization and a budget to ensure that maintenance work can be resourced. This is one of three stand-alone volumes designed to provide maintenance professionals in any sector with a better understanding of maintenance management, enabling the identification of problems and the delivery of effective solutions. Maintenance and the industrial organization Plant acquisition policy and maintenance life-cycle costs Formulating maintenance strategy: a business centred approach The structure of industrial plant Maintenance objectives Preventive maintenance decision making, Part 1 — principles, concepts and techniques Preventive maintenance decision making, Part 2 — maintenance task selection Maintenance task selection using reliability-centred maintenance Determining the life plan and schedule: The Top Down —Bottom Up Approach Controlling plant reliability Exercises on Maintenance Strategy Case studies of maintenance strategy Appendix 1: Terminology Appendix 2: In-situ repair techniques Appendix 3: Introductory failure statistics. The book guides the reader in establishing objectives for the organization. It covers the maintenance of plan, productions, and operations assets in industry and service sectors, including manufacturing, food and process engineering, minerals and mining, transport, power, and information technology.

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Planning and Control of Maintenance Systems


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