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Disputes, if any, are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only. Late Prof. To my husband Anil, my inspiration and strength. To all my Gurus and teachers who taught me all that I know…. Neena Sondhi. Type the link in your browser. Select your operating system by choosing the radio button. For e. Register by filling in your personal details. Once registered, you can login to download the trial software. This is precisely the challenge that the authors have sought to address in this book.

He is a seasoned researcher and scholar, with contributions in various functional areas of management like Marketing, Finance, Economics and, most recently, in Knowledge Management.

She brings extensive experience of teaching and applying research methodology to management problems. The two have produced a book that can be read at two levels simultaneously—at one level for the exposition of the discipline of statistics and for its intrinsic beauty and concepts, and at another, for the techniques and methodology of research for their power and sweep of applications.

A noteworthy and invaluable feature of this book is the large number of cases drawn from a variety of situations that help the students understand the concepts and applications of different techniques. Two cases run throughout the book and provide a constant backdrop for learning the concepts and methodologies that are discussed as one progresses through the book. Thirty-five end-of-chapter cases help show how in different real contexts the statistical concepts and research methodologies are indeed applied.

Another noteworthy feature is the extensive SPSS applications on problems and cases. Indeed, many problems have been worked out and discussed using both conventional methods and SPSS software. Furthermore, in order to anchor the treatment to reality, real-life data have been used for the cases. This is a book that students will enjoy learning from. It is also a book that other teachers of Research Methodology to management students will find useful.

I commend the authors for bringing out a truly valuable textbook. Alongside, appreciation and praise for our efforts to bring out such a useful book, we have received valuable feedback and suggestions to further improve the contents of the book. We thank them for the same and accordingly have made the following additions in the second edition of the book. Some of these are as follows: 1. The chapter on Analysis of variance techniques has been revised and post-hoc analysis has been discussed under one way analysis of variance.

In chapter 5 that is Secondary data collection methods, the section on syndicate research has been further expanded with the help of examples. The chapter 18 on Cluster analysis has been rearranged so as to make the reading smooth for the readers. The cases of continuous and discrete data have been explained separately.

The chapter 19 on Multidimensional scaling and perceptual mapping has been explained at length by giving all possible measurement questions and conditions under which multi-dimensional scaling can be carried out. Further it also discusses attribute based perceptual mapping using Factor analysis. The Conjoint analysis appeared as an addendum in the previous edition of the book.

It appears as a separate chapter 20 as per the suggestions of our readers. A number of new examples have been added in various chapters to illustrate the concepts that are discussed. Hence we have strengthened the application aspect considerably in this edition in the following way. There are new conceptual and application questions in majority of the chapters.

This offers the learner ample opportunity to apply the chapter learning on decision problems. This edition thus has a total of 52 cases. Comprehensive case 3. In the digital age, researchers across the world have made active use of the internet to carry out research.

Thus a new addendum on online research has been added in the book. This deals with the unique aspects and indices that are of exclusive use when conducting and measuring on the virtual platform. The revised instructor manual is available with the publisher and Faculty members adopting the book may contact them for a copy of the same. We would be delighted to receive the comments and suggestions on the second edition of the boo. Research would then become a simplified, practical and necessary path that you would confidently undertake.

The significance of business research in the Indian context gained increasing impetus in the early s, with the major economic reforms implemented post liberalization by the Indian government. India was a growing and lucrative market, with a huge exodus towards urban living. Thus, a number of multinationals decided to set up their business here. However, they needed to understand the Indian consumer, the marketplace, the operating systems and most significantly, the competition; and one of the ways which could make this possible was through research.

On the other hand, since the market was spoiled for choice and the buyer rather than the seller was dictating the terms, Indian companies had to revisit the way they would need to conduct their business. Hence, the value of business research to seek specific answers became important. Research in marketing was an existing reality but the scope had widened and from simple consumer studies, organizations had started looking at advertising research and new product research in a big way.

Simple percentages and pie charts were no longer sufficient; more accurate and focused findings that could be effectively built into business strategies were required. This increasing significance and usage of research tools were not isolated just to the marketing domain.

Other areas of business like finance and human resources were also relying on and greatly benefitting from research undertaken for specific purposes. With a number of BPOs and KPOs being set up by organizations from developed countries, job opportunities for the Indian working population were increasing by leaps and bounds. The flip side of this was that companies started facing increasing attrition, organizational stress and dissatisfied employees.

As a measure to retain and nurture human capital, a number of studies were carried out on employee satisfaction, career planning, work-life balance, organizational climate surveys, training need analysis and other related areas.

Behavioural finance was an area that even financial analysts who were earlier skeptical about structured research study, now recognized as an important emerging area of research. Investment decisions were an area of concern not only for the Indian investor but also for companies offering the financial instrument. Thus, financial research took on a new meaning in this panorama. Competition from domestic and international players forced even the existing market leaders into improving business efficiency through operations research and real-time analysis.

Research, which was once an academic exercise carried out mostly by research scholars and doctoral students, was fast becoming an important technique that was a critical part of any business school curriculum. It was no longer regarded as a theoretical, insignificant course; both the learner and the recruiter had understood that this was going to be an extremely important modus operandi, which could add tremendous value to any job role.

At the workplace too, managers who outsource research must also be able to understand and evaluate the merit of research findings. However, despite the present need and significance of business research, we, as teachers of this course on Business Research, have, for some time now, been aware that though business managers require to equip themselves to handle the unique needs of the fiercely competitive Indian industrial realm, the material and books available on the subject are not adequate enough to handle the complexity and technological advancements that have taken place in the area.

Either the text is too mathematical for those who do not. There are good books on qualitative research but they lean more towards the abstract; readers then find it difficult to understand and apply to them for their specific needs. Of the books that are being used actively for the university system, most are too theoretical and just provide definitions with practically no illustrations. Numerous methods and techniques explained have become obsolete and redundant in the current scenario.

The resulting outcome is that either the field of research is a one-eyed monster to be avoided at all costs; or a bitter pill that one swallows by rote and forgets later.

Looking at the above scenario, both of us realized that it was time to pick up our pens and turn scribes. Our effort would be to instill a comprehensive and step-wise understanding of the research process with a balanced blend of theory, techniques and Indian illustrations—from all business areas that might be of relevance to the reader. We were also aware that the text had to be simple, interesting and succinct.

Reader and Learner This book makes no presumptions and can be used with confidence and conviction by both students and experienced managers who need to make business sense of the data and information that is culled out through research groups.

The conceptual base has been provided in comprehensive, yet simplistic detail, addressing even the minutest explanations required by the reader. The language maintains a careful balance between technical know-how and business jargon. Every chapter is profusely illustrated with business problems related to all domains—marketing, finance, human resource and operations. Thus, no matter what the interest area may be, the universal and adaptable nature of the research process is concisely demonstrated.

At all stages in the compilation we have been careful in ensuring that the usefulness and comprehension is broad based. Every chapter includes simple and direct end-of-the-chapter questions which serve to recapitulate the learning at the first level, while the application questions and cases take the learner to the next level—beyond concepts to be able to crystallize and apply the learning in real time.

The volume also has the potential to be an excellent learning guide both for the business manager and research scholars as it provides both rigorous, yet simplified understanding of the step-wise progression of the research process.

Organization of Content The book has been essentially divided into six sections and covers the entire research process.

There are also two topics which have been added as an addendum to cover the entire syllabi of all national and international universities and business schools in the country. Section I consists of four chapters. Chapter 1 covers the research process in its totality. Chapter 2 is devoted to conceptualizing and designing of the problem to be investigated.

Depending on the need of the researcher this may then be converted into a working hypothesis, to be tested in the later stages. Chapters 3 and 4 cover all the three basic research designs—exploratory, descriptive and experimental. The sub-divisions of each one are dealt with in detail in the two chapters. Section II also consists of four chapters. This section is devoted to the data collection techniques available to the researcher. It covers in complete depth the secondary and primary data collection methods.

Chapter 6 provides details on all the qualitative techniques available to the researcher.

Ch.18 - ppt cluster dipak

Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description Business Research: Major steps for testing a hypothesis. A hypothesis is an assumption or a statement that may or may not be true.

Ch.18 - ppt cluster dipak

View Larger Image. Ask Seller a Question. Title: Research Methodology : Concepts and Cases.

Por favor,activa el JavaScript! List of ebooks and manuels about Operation research by k k chawla for bba. Your Research Cases Created Da Deepa k Research-methodology-concepts-and-cases-deepak-chawla-pdf-free-download Download Research-methodology-concepts-and-cases-deepak-chawla-pdf-free-download - Research methodology concepts and cases deepa k chawla pdf free download. List of ebooks and manuels about Research methodology concepts and cases deepa k chawla … Kindly download the petition. Ahmedpur Kalan,.

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deepak chawla neena sondhi

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Deepak chawla research methodology ppt

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Deepak chawla research methodology ppt

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Research Methodology: Concepts and Cases

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