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Difference Between Social Psychology And Sociology Pdf

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Sociology , a social science that studies human societies, their interactions, and the processes that preserve and change them. It does this by examining the dynamics of constituent parts of societies such as institutions, communities , populations, and gender, racial, or age groups. Sociology also studies social status or stratification, social movements , and social change , as well as societal disorder in the form of crime, deviance , and revolution.

Charles A. THE effort of the social sciences, no less than of other sciences, is to understand the mechanism or technique of the phenomena with which they deal, which is, in their case, the processes of the social life.

Degree Programs. Posted December 17, by Saint Leo University. Are you fascinated by the human mind? Do you wonder why some people will wait in line for hours — even days — to get the latest smart phone? Psychologists and sociologists both study people, but while psychologists delve into the mind of an individual or small group to understand human behavior and social and emotional reactions, sociologists look beyond individuals to examine society through specific associations — such as the family, race or religion — to understand current issues.

Psychology and Sociology: Similarities and Differences

Where psychology focuses on an individual, i. Sociology aims at analysing the behaviour pattern of a group of people. It also studies the reasons that make them follow a particular religion, belief, culture, custom, etc. Take a read of the article below, to understand the difference between psychology and sociology. Basis for Comparison Psychology Sociology Meaning Psychology is the systematic study of human mind and behavior using various techniques.

Sociology is the study of origin, development, structure and functioning of the society and social interaction. Individuals are influenced by their surroundings. Psychology can be understood as the methodical research and learning of mental processes, experiences and behaviours of a human being and the relationship between them, whether apparent or not. In this way, psychology refers to the study of the soul. Psychology analyses three main aspects of human nature, which are:. At the time of observing the behaviour of an individual, the psychologists seek to know the processes which influence the behaviour of a person.

The process is represented in the figure below:. Sociology can be understood as the social science which systematically studies social relationships, interactions, culture and behaviour of a person in the society. The subject area of sociology is not an individual, rather it attempts to look further, i. So, sociology refers to the study of companionship or human association. It is a scientific study, as in it investigates and analyses the social reality using logical methods, considering verifiable evidence and interpretation.

Further, the social status, movements, stratification and change, are also studied in this discipline. Social Psychology is one such branch of psychology, which studies the impact of people on the thought, feelings and behaviour of an individual. On the other hand, psychology is concerned with the origin, development and structure of the human society. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

While psychology is a special science that studies an individual mind and its functions, which directs and controls the behaviour. Sociology is a general science wherein the sociologists analyze the structure of groups, societies and institutions and the way in which people interact. In psychology, the psychologists tend to examine and analyse one person at a time. As against, in sociology, the sociologists analyse the society or a group as a whole.

While psychology deals with human emotions, sociology is concerned with human interactions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Psychology is the systematic study of human mind and behavior using various techniques. Individual's mental characteristics are responsible for his activities and behavior.

Difference Between Psychology and Sociology

The two common factors influencing identity are psychological factors and social factors. Sociology and Psychology determine the existence of humanity. Psychology and sociology may be different fields, wherein psychology focuses on studying humans as individuals, while sociology examines humans as collective members of their culture and society. While the two fields focus on different notions of understanding human behaviour, there are overlaps within the two fields in areas such as social psychology which looks at behaviour individual in culture and society. To develop a further understanding and distinction between the two areas of study, it is crucial to create a basic knowledge of the fields by looking at objectives and core elements. The following article aims to develop an understanding of a basic overview of the two areas Psychology and Sociology and examine similarities and differences, which helps understand the coexistence and codependence of the two fields in the field of social sciences.

focus on society as a whole or large groups within society. They study patterns.

The Similarities and Differences Between Psychology and Sociology

Where psychology focuses on an individual, i. Sociology aims at analysing the behaviour pattern of a group of people. It also studies the reasons that make them follow a particular religion, belief, culture, custom, etc.

Humans move through life navigating societal norms, cultural influences, and other variables that impact both individual behavior and society at large. Sociologists and social psychologists are two types of professionals who investigate our lives, behaviors, and thoughts, as well as how these elements play out in social groups. In each profession, experts use their findings to understand group behavior and develop solutions to the complex challenges facing individuals, communities, and organizations. By observing, describing, and measuring social behaviors and situations, sociologists and social psychologists gain an understanding of human behavior and broad trends.

Peggy A. In the area of social psychology, sociologists have drawn more frequently from psychologists than the reverse. This is in part because sociologists more often assess the degree to which status characteristics, social relationships, and structural contexts influence individuals' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, while psychologists more often explicate the mechanisms through which such social factors affect individuals. I illustrate these differences by discussing points of parallel theoretical development between the two disciplines, substantive divisions of labor, and selected topics of mutual inquiry.

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Understanding Behavior in Society: The Difference Between Sociology and Social Psychology

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At first there was just sociology and psychology.

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Sociology is the study of society , human social behaviour , patterns of social and relationships, social interaction , and culture that surrounds everyday life.

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While both are considered to be part of the social sciences, sociology and social psychology are more different than they are alike.