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Report On Recruitment And Selection Process Pdf

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I want to use and interpret models of phenomena that students cite process selection and on thesis report recruitment repeatedly are my tastes okay.

The successful accomplishment of this project work is the outcome of the contribution of number of people, especially those who have given the time and effort to share their thoughts and suggestions to improve the report. At the very beginning I would express my deepest gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving me the strength and the composure to finish the task within the scheduled time. I would like to express my appreciation to my internal supervisor, Abdullah Al Ahad, Lecturer, City University, and City University for providing me all the guidance and support that I needed mostly.

Internship Report " Recruitment and Selection Process "

To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Internship Report " Recruitment and Selection Process ". Pooja Sahu. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. I also want to thank you for your support and patience for me and I appreciate the opportunity provided by you through assigning me to work in this thoughtful project.

Afsana Akhtar for her untiring guidance, help, effort, and suggestion. Really I am thankful to her. A very dynamic personality, Mr. Afsana constantly inspired us all the time to develop my career and share her knowledge with us. I shall remain ever grateful to Ms. Afsana for her extraordinary gesture and relentless effort. I am also thankful and acknowledged to my supervisor Mr. I would also like to thank the authority of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Index Title Page No 1. Executive Summery vi 2. Introduction 1 Objective of the study 2 Methodology, Scope, Limitation, 2, 3 3. Job Part 21 5. Robi Human Resource Division 36 7. Findings 38 8. Analysis 53 Recommendation 56 Conclusion 58 Afsana Akhter. I have divided this report in some sub segments. I have shown the vision, strategic goal and principles of it. Afterward here discuss about Robi Axiata Ltd.

Than the report proceeds with the job part, where the jobs which is done by me is discussed. The first part is manpower requisition and each department gives requisition according to its HR planning to HR Department.

After getting approval from the CHRO, advertisement is given internally within the organization or in external media like bdjobs. Following steps are arranging written exam, taking one or more interviews, and finally the medical checkup. A detail elaboration of selection of best candidate has been added in the project part and the contribution of HR department for selecting the most eligible employees for Robi has been highlighted. In this report, some other important topics of their HR division are also discussed like HR hierarchy, the environment within the organization and accommodation of a pull of candidates.

After completion of this report it can easily say that efficient, competent and active part in Recruitment and Selection process take a company to the peak of the success. Bachelor of Business Administration BBA Course requires a three months attachment with an organization followed by a report assigned by the supervisor in the organization and endorsed by the faculty advisor.

My faculty supervisor Ms. Afsana Akhtar, Assistant Professor of BRAC University, also approved the topic and authorized me to prepare this report as part of the fulfillment of internship requirement and gave me proper guidance and assistance over time Background of the study There is no doubt that the world of work is rapidly changing. As part of an organization then, HRM must be equipped to deal with the effects of the changing world of work.

For them this means understanding the implications of globalization, technology changes, workforce diversity. Changing skill requirements, continuous improvement initiatives contingent workforce, decentralized work sites and employee involvement are the issue for confront.

Now it is a big challenge for the HRM to support the organization by providing the best personnel for the suitable position in shortest possible tome.

Moreover selecting attracting the suitable candidates and selecting the best person in time is a challenge. The cost of the recruitment is significant. So, proper planning and formulate those plan is the task that require more focus and improvement. Equal opportunity and sourcing is also a vital part.

Realizing this need we tried to find the difference and similarities between theoretical aspects with the practical steps taken by the company.

We took an attempt to demonstrate the feature for the further improvement. Specific Objectives: 1. To focus on major elements of Recruitment and Selection process.

To focus on the process of Recruiting and selecting personals. To focus on the updates and the batter methods of modern technique. Methodology Source of Information: 1. Primary: The primary information collected through face to face interview, observation, and by participation in the recruitment and selection process. Secondary: The secondary information collected from website, Magazine, Memorandum, Journals, books and some other relevant sources.

Both primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report. Scope of the research The report deals with the recruitment and selection process in terms of theoretical point of view and the practical use. The study will allow learning about the recruitment and selection issues, importance, modern techniques and models used to make it more efficient. The study will help to learn the practical procedures followed by the leading organizations.

Moreover the study will help to differentiate between the practice and the theories that direct to realize how the organization can improve their recruitment and selection process. Limitations of the research The main limitation of the study is the collection of information. Because most of the information are confidential.

And I am not able to show any forms which they use in the time of joining or we use to upgrade the files. As a consequence, Robi Axiata Ltd. With a mission to meet the communication needs of the people of Bangladesh, Robi Axiata Ltd. Robi is truly a people-oriented brand of Bangladesh. Robi believes in ahead with innovation and creativity.

The company is providing the telecommunication services to support national telecommunication policy for a higher rate of telecommunications ratio and coverage in Bangladesh. Robi is committed to provide warm, friendly approachable service to its valued customers as well as mass society.

Robi services its subscribers with the philosophy of the excellence with the limited interconnection. Its GSM service is based on a robust network architecture and cutting edge technology such as Intelligence Network IN , which provides peace of mind solutions in terms of voice clarity, extensive nationwide network coverage and multiple global partners for international roaming IR.

It has the widest International Roaming coverage in Bangladesh connecting operators across countries. Its customer centric solution includes value added services VAS , quality customer care, easy access call centers, digital network security and flexible tariff rates. As a customer focused Information Communications Company, Robi believes in providing superior service that leads to good business and good development in the society.

Robi believes that quality is continuous and never ending journey. Hence, a step Robi is taking continuously to upgrade and expand their network for better and more efficient services to subscribers.

But when revenue is concerned, Robi has a lot of valuable customers who are keeping Robi at second position. Principle of Robi: Principles statements define how people want to behave with each other in the organization. Robi Axiata Limited statement is about how the organization will value their customers, suppliers, and the internal community. For this reason Robi Axiata Limited Employees hold themselves accountable to the following guiding Principles for the organization.

From the perspective of Robi: Emotional: Passionate, Creative, Respectful, Open Functional: Simple, Ethical, Transparent, Ownership No matter what we do in order to realize our purpose, we hold ourselves accountable to the following overarching guiding Principles for our organization.

Whether visible or hidden within for whatever reason. Everything we do is about doing the best we can. We are there for each other and we endeavor to help in every way we can. Creative: Everything we do we should do in a creative innovative manner. We bring energy to our work. Our communications demonstrates our creative flair. We provide creative and imaginative and services to our customers.

Respectful: We are truly respectful to each other, our subordinates, peers, partners and customers. We treat everyone equally and we allow people to express their thoughts opinions in a respectful manner. Open: We have no hidden agendas. We share information freely. We can only be open with our customers, partners, and stakeholders if we are open with ourselves- regardless of hierarchy. Simple: Everything we do and say should be simple and easy to understand.

In terms of communications we make sure the massaging is in plain, simple language.

Report on Recruitment & Selection Process.pdf

Every task is undertaken with an objective. Without any objective a task is rendered meaningless. The main objectives for undertaking this project are:. The insurance sector is marked with a high level of attrition and therefore recruitment process becomes a crucial function of the organization. The attrition is high among the sales managers, unit mangers mostly in the sales profile. The recruitment is high during these months due to the fact that March and September are half year closing and business is high during Jan-Mar.

It has not been submitted to any other university or institution for the award of any degree or diploma. They can make or break the fortunes of a business. The recruitment and selection decision is of prime importance as it is the vehicle for obtaining the best possible person-to-job fit that will, contribute significantly towards the Company's effectiveness. It is also becoming increasingly important, as the Company evolves and changes, that new recruits show a willingness to learn, adaptability and ability to work as part of a team. I am privileged to be one of the students who got an opportunity to do my training with My Liberty Homes.

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Internship Report " Recruitment and Selection Process "

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Employee Recruitment and Selection Policy Sample

Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jul 29, I prepared a accurate report on recruitment and selection process under the guidence of Mrs.

We are committed to our equal opportunity policy at every selection stage. Hiring teams should aim for a well-planned and discrimination-free hiring process. This recruitment and selection policy applies to all employees who are involved in hiring for our company. It refers to all potential job candidates.


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Internship report On Recruitment and Selection Process at

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Recruitment is a process which provides the organization with a pool of potentially qualified job candidates from which judicious selection can be made to fill.

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Recruitment refers to the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing, suitable candidates for jobs either permanent or temporary within an organization.