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A flow diagram is a simple illustration that uses process symbols to describe the primary flow path through the production equipment. It provides a quick snapshot of the operating unit and includes all primary equipment and piping symbols that can be used to trace the flow of the well stream through the equipment. Secondary flows, complex control loops and instrumentation are not included. These PFDs are more helpful for visitor information and new employee training. However, there are many other abbreviations that you will see such as this more comprehensive industry list.

The number below these letters is the numerator to help identify a specific component on a project within the control loop. When there are multiples of the same device used in a diagram, this number helps viewers to reference that specific instrument.

Companies have different protocols for where these numbers originate. A viewer can use these critical tag numbers to reference additional process information for that instrument, which helps product sizing, material selections and other variables. You'll notice that some components such as check valves, ball valves and isolation valves do not use tag numbers. Typically, the information given with these will be limited to their symbol and the line size.

The circle combined with the presence or absence of a line determines the location of the physical device. A solid line means the instrument is in a primary location in a central control room accessible to the operator. A dashed line tells us that the instrument is in an auxiliary location in a central control room not accessible to the operator. A double solid line means that it is in a local control room or on a local control panel.

Shared display means you can see the same information in several locations across a network and it can be accessed anywhere. Shared control means you can change the parameters of that device remotely. Some instruments are part of a Distributed Control System, or DCS, where a user can select a specific controller or indicator and see it in one location, such as on a terminal screen. If you take the same tag number symbol for a physical instrument and add a square around it, it now means that it is part of a shared display and shared control in a DCS.

Different symbols for line types tell us about the instrument. Users can identify how instruments connect to each other and what type of signal is being used.

Familiarize yourself with these different connection symbols by downloading our reference chart. For example, one important symbol to note here would be the concentric and eccentric reducers. This will help you identify when piping changes sizes. This information is helpful for understanding flow capacity and sizing.

This is especially true with control valve symbols. Here are the symbols for pumps, tanks, and other types of equipment. The most common pumps used in oil and gas industry are screw, progressive cavity, and reciprocating pumps. The most common tanks are dome roof tanks. Mega Menu Valves. Linear Electric. Rotary Electric. Linear Pneumatic. Drip Pots. Flow Meters. Flow Meter Accessories. Flow Monitors. Sense Line Protectors. Solenoid Valves. Supply Gas Regulators. Other Accessories.

Float Operated Controllers. Temperature Controllers. Back Pressure Regulators. Pressure Reducing. Differential Pressure.

High Pressure Control Valves. Liquid Dump Valves. Low Pressure Control Valves. Weight Operated Dump Valves. Ball Valves. Energy Exchange. Accessories for Glycol Pumps. The first letter indicates the parameters being controlled, monitored, or measured. The second letter tells the type of device being used. No line means the instrument is installed in the field near the process. Kyle Andrews. Sign Up. All Rights Reserved.

Oil & Gas Production Industry

Industrial instrumentation is used to control and monitor conditions including temperature, pressure and fluid levels in processing facilities, oil refineries, petrochemical plants, oil and gas pipelines, and distribution operations. Common applications of oil and gas instrumentation include monitoring the presence of flammable and combustible gases in production and storage areas and monitoring emissions for pollution control. Instrumentation is also used for monitoring and controlling flow in delivery systems. There are two types of instrumentation used in equipment monitoring: input and output. Input instruments are used to monitor or measure temperature, flow, pressure and levels in equipment including transport pipes and vessels. Output instruments, on the other hand, include controls and alarms that display readings or provide an alert to warn of potentially hazardous situations. The three primary components of industrial instrumentation are sensors, transducers and transmitters.

Process instrumentation is an integral part of any process industry because it allows real time measurement and control of process variables such as levels, flow, pressure, temperature, pH and humidity. With the right instrumentation, process plants can run effectively, efficiently, economically and safely through the integration of alarm signals. Mohamed Salaheldin, currently quality and energy efficiency improvement manager, Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals Company Sidpec in Egypt, is a good source for gaining an understanding of best practices, maintenance and future prospects of process instrumentation from an industrial standpoint. The answers here are his. Salaheldin has more than 18 years of experience in instrumentation and control, engineering management, quality engineering and energy efficiency.

Beyond Valves

A flow diagram is a simple illustration that uses process symbols to describe the primary flow path through the production equipment. It provides a quick snapshot of the operating unit and includes all primary equipment and piping symbols that can be used to trace the flow of the well stream through the equipment. Secondary flows, complex control loops and instrumentation are not included. These PFDs are more helpful for visitor information and new employee training.

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Oil & Gas Industry

These leading level and flow applications are found onshore and offshore in oil and natural gas fields. Level and flow controls in these applications are crucial for both process control and safety shutdown systems. Drilling Fluid Tanks 4 2.

Employing cutting-edge sensing technology and unique features like X-ray interference protection, our instruments are always a step ahead. As a technology partner Berthold gladly supports their customers with expertise and know-how in the development of tailored measurement solutions. Watch now. The LB SpeedStar is used when the speed of the measurement is crucial. Due to the extremely short response time of 50ms, rapid changes such as slugs are detected early, allowing operators or the control system to compensate before they reach the production processes downstream.

time with Rosemount instrumentation from Emerson Process. Management. With 50 years experience and over one million devices installed in oil and gas.

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Find media contacts and press releases with official announcements about initiatives, new products and services. We're looking for piping engineers with experience in the oil and gas sector. Outer Continental Shelf. Turnkey Engineering and Field Service Flowserve offers turnkey engineering capabilities to streamline capital expenses related to piping design, foundation. Despite gas line pigging and vigorous blow-downs, which are necessary and recommended, some contaminants will be found in the gas sup-ply, especially during the early commissioning period.

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