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By Jenny Han. I like to admire the straight line of his jaw, the curve of his cheekbone. Our school won, so everyone is in very fine spirits, Peter most of all, because he scored the winning shot.

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By Jenny Han. I like to admire the straight line of his jaw, the curve of his cheekbone. Our school won, so everyone is in very fine spirits, Peter most of all, because he scored the winning shot. His hair is still wet from showering after the game. What do you think, Lara Jean? Pammy asks, running her fingers through her carrot-colored hair. She has a face like a doll, round as a cake pan, and freckles dust her face and shoulders like sprinkles. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you could be growing them out for a year or more.

I just smile and shake my head. Lucas is reading over my shoulder. Time to get my girl home, he says. What time is it? I say. Is it that late already? Looking over my shoulder, I wave and call out, "Bye, Lucas! Bye, Pammy! Why are you walking so fast? I ask as Peter marches me through the front yard to the curb where his car is parked. He stops in front of the car, pulls me toward him, and kisses me, all in one fast motion. I say, I still have an hour until I have to be home.

What should we do? Nothing good happens after two a. Unless you happen to be a fan of watching people play flip cup for hours on end. Not me. I want to come inside and say hi to your dad and hang out for a bit. We could watch the rest of Aliens. Peter thinks about it for a minute, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, and then he says, I know where we can go. Wait and see, he says, and he puts the windows down, and the crisp night air fills the car. I lean back into my seat.

The streets are empty; the lights are off in most of the houses. Let me guess. Then: Are there any cookies left in that Tupperware? I dip my arm out the window and let it hang.

The handsomest boy of all the handsome boys is mine, all mine. Ten minutes later, we are driving onto the University of Virginia campus, only nobody calls it campus; they call it Grounds. Peter parks along the side of the street. Peter gave a verbal commitment to the UVA lacrosse team last year, and then he applied early action in the fall.

Like with most college athletes, he was all but in, so long as his grades stayed decent. Peter pulls me by the hand and says, Come on, Covey. We make our own luck. Besides, we were here two months ago for that thing at the Miller Center. We continue our walk across the lawn. To the Rotunda, to sit on the steps. The Rotunda was designed by Thomas Jefferson, who founded the school, and he modeled it after the Pantheon, with its white columns and big domed top.

Peter runs up the brick. I sit down in front of him, leaning back and resting my arms on the tops of his knees. Did you know, I begin, that one of the things that makes UVA unique is that the center of the school, right there inside the Rotunda, is a library and not a church? We had our family portrait taken on the lawn. I twist around to look at Peter.

I went on the tour because I wanted to know everything about UVA! Like, do you know what year they let women in? He scratches the back of his neck. When was the school founded? The early s? So, ? I turn back around and face forward, looking out onto the grounds. After a hundred and fifty years. Tell me something else instead. Running around naked? He leans forward and puts his arms around my shoulders, rubbing his nose in my neck the way he likes to do.

Your turn. I let myself dream about it for a minute. If I get in, what am I most looking forward to? There are so many things, I can hardly name them all. To us sledding down O-Hill when it snows. To staying up all night talking and then waking up and talking some more. To late-night laundry and last-minute road trips. The bookshelves go from the floor to the ceiling, and all of the books are behind metal grates, protected like the precious objects they are.

There was this one summer—I must have been five or six, because it was before Kitty was born—my mom took a class at UVA, and she used to study in the McGregor Room.

Margot and I would color, or read. My mom called it the magic library, because Margot and I never fought inside of it. We were both quiet as church mice; we were so in awe of all the books, and of the older kids studying. Peter looks disappointed. With us. But for some reason, I want to keep those hopes just for me for now.

You can come with me to the McGregor Room, I say. But you have to promise to be quiet. Affectionately Peter says, Lara Jean, only you would look forward to hanging out in a library. Just not people Peter knows. Most of them are probably in their fifties, but still. I like the way he looks at me, like I am a wood nymph that he happened upon one day and just had to take home to keep. In my heart, it was always UVA. I was going to apply early when Peter did, but my guidance counselor, Mrs.

Duvall, advised me against applying early action, because she said it would be better to wait so they could see my senior mid-year grades. According to Mrs. And so I ended up applying to five schools. At first it was just going to be UVA, the hardest to get into and only fifteen minutes from home; William and Mary, the second hardest to get into and also my second choice two hours away ; and then University of Richmond and James Madison, both only an hour away, in a tie for third choice.

All in state. But then Mrs. Duvall urged me to apply to just one out-of-state school, just in case, just to have the option—so I applied to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

It has a strong liberal arts. Going far away, that was her dream. The perfect storybook campus, the perfect everything. And, of course, Peter. Then he drives me home. Give me my good-night kiss, he says. Stubbornly he closes his eyes and waits, and I lean forward and plant a quick kiss on his lips. He kisses me again like we have all the time in the world and says, What would happen if I came back after everyone went to sleep, and I spent the night, and left really early in the morning?

Like, before dawn?

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

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Affectionately Peter says, “Lara Jean, only you would look forward to hanging out in a Ms. Rothschild is always running late, something that drives Daddy crazy “I just looked at Google Maps and ran for it. ISBN (eBook​).

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

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[P.D.F] Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I ve Loved Before) [Ebook​, EPUB, KINDLE] By Jenny Han. Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean (To All the Boys I've Loved Before #3)

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