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It discovered most schools agree that offering vocational education and training VET programs as part of the higher school certificate is a useful means of improving students' learning and success at school. VET in Schools programs are also generally believed to provide students with opportunities and pathways which may not have otherwise been available. The range of factors affecting the ability of schools to offer good VET programs are described, as is TAFE's role in assisting early school leavers. In the context of significant growth in the provision of VET in Schools programs in the past decade, this study sought to investigate the place of vocational education and training VET in school culture and policy.

Compulsory education

Show all documents Our aim is to study the intention of continuing studying after compulsory secondary education. We use subjective and objective data obtained directly from students that were expected to take a decision concerning their education , that is, in their last year of compulsory education at the age of We argue that students take their decisions conditioned to their socio-economic environment, which is also validated in the existing literature, but also on the quality of information they receive regarding the different alternatives that exist after compulsory education , their preferences on present-future consumption, their perception on the correlation between education and earnings, or their expected chances to find a job in a labor market that is open to unskilled workers in the Balearic Islands.

The Importance of Work, Family and Leisure among Girls Finishing Compulsory Education The purpose of this study was to examine the profiles of attribution of importance to three life-roles work, family and leisure of adolescent girls about to finalize their period of compulsory education and, therefore, to face an extremely relevant decision concerning their future.

Results indicated that girls grant a different level of importance to life-roles, or to different combinations between them. Three groups can be identified: one group of girls who grant a great importance to both work and family roles; another who appraise work and leisure highly, giving little importance to the family role; and, finally, a third group of girls that seem to be essentially concerned with taking care of the family and being mothers.

The Mare model is based on the assumption that individuals progress through the educational system exclusively in a sequential or vertical mode. It has thus been noted that at a given point of their educational career, individuals might have to choose between parallel branches of study. For instance, at completion of compulsory education students typically have to opt for either an academic or a vocational oriented track. Additionally, in many countries students can be held back a year in primary or compulsory secondary school, if they fail to reach a certain standard.

In case of a previous failure, then the key educational decision is whether to retake the year or drop out without retaking. T his review and discussion focused on surveys and reports regarding the rate of foreign language acquisition and attainment within national compulsory education systems, academic analyses of the results obtained, and national programmes and initiatives designed to address the shortcomings revealed in them.

The proposed reasons for lower-than-expected acquisition and attainment in foreign language learning within countries including the European Union, Colombia, Vietnam and Ecuador were reviewed in detail. These reasons, and the measures undertaken as a result to remedy these flaws, were evaluated through a comparison with recent academic research relating to these factors, and through com- parison between the different experiences revealed in the surveys and reports.

These comparisons found that some of the measures undertaken were fit for purpose and were likely to yield some improvements in acquisition rate, although to a lesser extent than those projected by some of the national programmes, while identifying some aspects which have been overlooked. The conclusion highlighted in which aspects of the teaching and learning of foreign languages requires greater focus is needed in order to effect the desired changes. Value-based Education in Culture and Curriculum.

A student learns to train himself to be wise; to be moral and to be self sufficient by using his head, heart and hands and limbs. Gandhi aimed to liberate people from ignorance and slavery and a salaried job.

His ideas of education are thus linked with self-development; rural development and sustainable development. Gandhi aimed to remove human aversion for manual labour.

Furthermore, student is prescribed to learn a craft or vacation that will help to earn while learning. Gandhi further prescribed compulsory education for children between seven and fourteen years.

By the end of education students will be equipped with knowledge and potentiality in one profession. Further students with such background will have willingness to serve in rural areas which actually helps sustainable development.

The major features of Nai Talim are summarized: mother-tongue as medium of instruction is major feature; free and compulsory primary education for all children for at least seven years and; moral instruction for all round development; education related to physical environment; rooted in the culture and lives of people; education through craft not merely books and abstractions and education that helps character building and craft-centred and vocational training are other features of Nai Talim.

Further Gandhi prescribes certain qualities for teacher. These include a good character; to have eligibility to teach on moral instruction; value of non-violence and communal harmony; self-reliance and respect for manual labour and women Iyengar, Rev Esp Salud Pblica.

The search was carried out in an automat- ed way through the use of a computer pro- gram implemented by the authors in Python language v. In those terms whose meaning is circumscribed to more than a specific area of health eg risk referred to the area Emotional Health or Accident Prevention or those pol- ysemic terms eg depression the computer program extracted those lines of text and the result was manually reviewed by the authors.

Due to the presence of optionality throughout Compulsory Education , the number of terms was calculated for each of the possible cur- ricular itineraries that a student can take i. Evidence from Spanish Regions, nately, data of the Wage Structure Survey cannot be used in the estimations be- cause is only conducted every four years at the national level and does not provide data at the regional level.

These data, although it cannot. These findings are in line with the results of this study which show that CLIL students displayed significant proficiency in the learning to learn skills and stra- tegies when compared to their non-bilingual peers. When their parents did not have the same level of studies, learners were classified in one category or another according to the highest educa- tional attainment of the couple.

The data gathered shows similarity between mothers and fathers, but it confirms the popular belief that slightly more women than men reach higher education at the present time, at least in Spain, as can be seen below:.

There is concern about the level of motor coordination among Spanish secondary students and its im- pact on their daily activities and health. The aim of this study was to evaluate the coordination of a sample of secondary school children.

The study included schoolchildren, 65 boys and 55 girls of four Secondary Schools of the Community of Madrid, aged between 12 and 14 years. All participants performed the Body Coordination Test KKTK , designed to detect motor coordination problems in schoolchildren aged 12 to 14 years. The results allowed to establish three coordinating groups: normal These results indicated that Girls were pre- dominant in the symptomatic and problematic levels.

This study confirms that motor coordination problems exist among Spanish secondary schoolchildren. This is not only an education but also a health problem because it prevents more active life styles among adolescents, especially among girls. Key words:. It arises as response to many educational needs caused by the diversity of these students in our classrooms. We analyze how to plan the organization of spaces, what circumstances have to be given, considering those determining factors that contribute favourably to the development successful of this methodology.

We try to reach great number of positive effects in the attitude and motivation of the students that have to turn in addition in an improvement of the academic performances. The influence of the linguistic program on the lexico-semantic creativity in Catalan of ESO [ Spanish Compulsory Secondary Education] students]: a case study The data provided in this study result from an experiment designed to evaluate the procedures to categorize, that is, to measure the lexico-semantic creativity of toyear olds.

The test developed during the month of May at IES Mutxamel, a compulsory secondary education center selected amongst those located in the southernmost part of the Valencian Autonomous Region for being attached to a peri-urban and traditionally Catalan- speaking territory. The center received students both from the municipality of Mutxamel Alicante 2.

In other words, the distribution of subjects involved in this initiative reflects The market in question is a matching market in which newly graduated medical students seek their first hospital position. Prior to , the market was run in a decentralized way; this is, physicians were responsible for finding jobs and hospitals were responsible for filling empty positions.

Doctors who result unmatched from this random mechanism are declared exempted from the social service. Integration and interpersonal relationships of moroccan immigrant students of compulsory secondary education in Andalusia Spain A multicultural situation and social diversity ought to prompt responses such as initiatives for intercultural education geared towards preserving the unity and identity of minority groups, while incorporating the concepts of tolerance, respect and integration, but always avoiding cultural assimila- tion.

This type of education ought to start by reviewing school texts, mo- difying their language, their ethnocentric view and the reflection of double standards; raising awareness among members of the educational commu- nity on the need for education on diversity; and improving and adapting the initial and continued training of teachers.

In the first place a revision of the objectives and basic competences was carried out to identify how to contribute to the achievement of those objectives and competences using the SDI as an ICT educational resource. First of all, I have been able to make my students follow a meaningful learning, by treating the topic from an attractive and motivating perspective. Autonomy and personal initiative is another aspect I have always borne in mind.

The cinema with sports theme: a space for the reflection and development of attitudes in the student of compulsory secondary education This study focused on knowing the influence of cinema with sports themes, as a didactic and methodological resource that generated a space for reflection that would allow the development of attitudes in the students of Compulsory Secondary Education.

A qualitative research, which used the collective case study or instrumental multicase, from the conceptual model proposed by Stake , to know and deepen the reality, object of study. He took into account different contexts for the understanding of the case: the analysis of Educational Laws; the micro-reports, result of each of the cases, key to the study, and the review of the specific literature related to the cinema and educational centers, as well as the formation of attitudes.

The information and data collection allowed to understand the educational reality that cinema generates in Compulsory Secondary Education and its consideration from the perspective of Physical Education. The issues raised, required a response, so it was necessary to establish a breakdown into thematic statements and informative questions, allowing focus thematic focuses, taking us to the "Quintain" as the ultimate goal of the investigation.

The results show the need to incorporate to the methodological designs, the cinema as an educational resource that allows to create a dialogical reflection space, from where to form the students of Compulsory Secondary Education in positive attitudes.

Compulsory online tax returns Related subjects.

Post-Compulsory Education and Training - PGCE

Research Portal Theses The impact of teacher training on continuing professional de The impact of teacher training on continuing professional development needs for teaching and learning in post compulsory education Overview. Gary Husband. School of Education and Human Development. Research areas DEd, School of Education.

The early s were a time of great expansion and structural change in Australian education, when Hughes and his research colleagues at the University of Tasmania began their influential longitudinal cohort study of the post-compulsory education, training, or employment careers of 14, Tasmanian students who completed Year 10 in and Abbott-Chapman et al. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Advertisement Hide.

Qty : Please note this title is sourced from overseas, and due to Coronavirus-related freight delays the estimated delivery time is 11 weeks. The post-compulsory sector has been renamed the Lifelong Learning sector since the first edition of this book, and the ideas and concepts covered have relevance to teachers of all students aged 14 and above. Written by practising teachers, Teaching in Post-Compulsory Education is an insightful guide to all aspects of teaching, including: identifying learners' needs planning and preparing appropriate programmes of learning developing a portfolio of teaching techniques and methods for supporting a range of learners assessment and progression meeting professional requirements. Throughout the book each of the authors provides guidance on how the new standards relate to practical teaching situations, and looks at their inherent problems and challenges. Included are realistic activities and full information on how to generate appropriate evidence against the LLUK assessment outcomes. Introduction: Standards, Skills and Lifelong Learning 2.

VET in Schools: A post-compulsory education perspective

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Compulsory education refers to a period of education that is required of all people and is imposed by the government. This education may take place at a registered school or at other places. Compulsory school attendance or compulsory schooling means that parents are obliged to send their children to a certain school.

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Show all documents Our aim is to study the intention of continuing studying after compulsory secondary education. We use subjective and objective data obtained directly from students that were expected to take a decision concerning their education , that is, in their last year of compulsory education at the age of

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[PDF] Teaching And Training In Post-Compulsory Education. As recognized, adventure as competently as experience not quite lesson, amusement, as skillfully.

Compulsory education in Finland

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At the same time evidence is building that the quality of teaching is the most important contributor to the quality of learning and achievement, and.