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Analysis Method for pH and Alkalinity

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The pH of an aqueous solution is the measure of how acidic or basic it is. The pH of an aqueous solution can be determined and calculated by using the concentration of hydronium ion concentration in the solution. The pH of an aqueous solution is based on the pH scale which typically ranges from 0 to 14 in water although as discussed below this is not an a formal rule. A pH of 7 is considered to be neutral. A pH of less than 7 is considered acidic.

pH, pOH, and the pH scale

Jump to navigation. The lower the pH of water, the more acidic it is. The higher the pH of water, the more basic, or alkaline, it is. The largest variety of aquatic animals prefer a pH range of 6. Low pH can also allow toxic elements and compounds such as heavy metals to become mobile and "available" for uptake by aquatic plants and animals.

The pH scale is logarithmic and inversely indicates the concentration of hydrogen ions in the solution. This is because the formula used to calculate pH approximates the negative of the base 10 logarithm of the molar concentration [a] of hydrogen ions in the solution. Solutions with a pH of 7 at this temperature are neutral e. The neutral value of the pH depends on the temperature, being lower than 7 if the temperature increases. The pH value can be less than 0 for very strong acids , or greater than 14 for very strong bases.

Problem : What is the pH of a solution of 0. Hydrochloric acid and nitric acid are strong acids, and sodium hydroxide is a strong base; these all dissociate completely. Therefore, 0. That leaves a 0. The pOH of a 0.

What is the pOH of a M HCl solution? 3). What is the pH of a x M KOH solution? (Hint: this is a basic solution – concentration is of OH -). 4).

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Since sodium hydroxide is a strong base, it will dissociate completely in water. This means that the concentration of the base will be equal to the concentration of hydroxide ions after the reaction runs to completion. We can find the concentration of hydroxide ions via stoichiometry. One hydroxide ion is created from each molecule of sodium hydroxide that dissociates. The question asks us to find the pH of the solution, so we will need to convert pOH to pH.

pH Calculations

pH, pOH, and the pH scale

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If g NaC2H3O2 (FW = ) are added to the mL of solution in Problem. 2, what is the resulting pH? The addition of C2H3O2. - to a solution of HC2H3O2​.

pH, pOH, and the pH scale

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