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Carter was born in Birmingham. By he became involved in a second Pentecostal work, and had to quit his regular work to maintain leadership of the two churches.

The studies in this book were taken down stenographically from lectures delivered in New Zealand in his Auckland Church during his pastorate there of two years. After some necessary revision they are presented in this volume to satisfy those who have requested their publication. It is hoped that pastors and students will appreciate the practical approach to the functioning of the gifts in the Church, and that other readers will find the simple personal narrative to their liking. The division of the nine gifts into three groupings—Gifts of Revelation, Gifts of Power, and Gifts of Inspiration—was revealed to the writer shortly after commencing the study of the subject seriously.

Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts

The studies in this book were taken down stenographically from lectures delivered in New Zealand in his Auckland Church during his pastorate there of two years. After some necessary revision they are presented in this volume to satisfy those who have requested their publication.

It is hoped that pastors and students will appreciate the practical approach to the functioning of the gifts in the Church, and that other readers will find the simple personal narrative to their liking. The division of the nine gifts into three groupings—Gifts of Revelation, Gifts of Power, and Gifts of Inspiration—was revealed to the writer shortly after commencing the study of the subject seriously.

It has been a source of gratitude to God to find that most writers of today have been pleased to accept this classification, confirming that the light which came in the early days when there were no books available on the subject was from the Lord.

Some who have written on the subject of the gifts have later revised what they wrote at first, and later still, have further. We cannot help but feel that when light comes directly from the Lord, revision is unnecessary. So important is the subject of spiritual manifestation and so great the interest is becoming—not only throughout the Pentecostal Movement, but in most denominations—that the matter needs to be studied carefully and deeply and the mind of the Lord clearly sought so that the scriptural manifestation might be clearly understood and operated.

The Church needs the Pentecostal power but it also requires the wisdom of the Word in order to use the sacred manifestations of the Spirit to the glory of God, avoiding all that is not edifying to the Church. We present this volume to the public in the hope that it will prove interesting and profitable, praying the Lord to confirm to the hearts of the readers all that is in perfect accord with the eternal Word.

In writing this book I have been especially indebted to my brother John Carter for his critical comments—always valuable and never refused—which have greatly assisted in its compilation. Also, I am deeply indebted to Mrs. Gibson, of London, for her excellent work in typing and re-typing the whole manuscript. How seldom, if ever, in some churches is this chapter referred to; yet the apostle Paul said he would not have us ignorant concerning them.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are a legacy to the church: they are gifts which our blessed Lord bequeathed when He died upon the cross of Calvary. A legacy indeed—and who is not interested in legacies! I remember how, before I went to India, I was included in a will. I was told to come and hear the will read. I knew that was not the only way God was going to provide. The Lord Jesus Christ left us a legacy, and we ought to be extremely interested in it.

He has left us gifts of the Holy Ghost,. I remember years ago hearing that celebrated preacher F. Meyer tell a story about Charles Haddon Spurgeon which I shall never forget. He said that Mr. Spurgeon was a big-hearted man. Because he loved to interest himself in poor people, he had almshouses connected with his tabernacle, and he would make pastoral visits in these apartments where the old people lived. Spurgeon would go around the room inspecting the treasures.

I will take very great care of it. He removed it from the frame and took it to the bank. Maybe you have already guessed that this dear old lady had framed a check! That piece of paper is a check assigning you a lot of money. Is it not the same with spiritual things? One day Mark Draper saw an automobile standing outside a house with the motor running, because in those days if you turned the motor off you were not quite sure it would start again.

That car with the motor running presented a great temptation for the boy. He got excited! The thing was really moving; all this mechanism was in motion, and internally he was in commotion. He was in a panic now and decided as a drastic measure, that the sure way to make a car stop was to run it into a ditch!

That is what he did; he ran it into a ditch, and it stopped. Well, this is another case of ignorance, and also of the danger associated with it; you see, he was ignorant, and rather naughty too. I want to say that ignorance concerning spiritual gifts has caused people to do drastic things, supposing they were being moved by the Spirit of God. Brethren, I would not have you ignorant. Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led.

My friend on the other side of the plane beckoned to me, and I went across and looked through his window; and there below was this very city of Corinth. I saw it from above; the apostle Paul preached in it on ground level. We came down at Athens where I had the privilege of preaching. Yes, it has lips, but they never open; the idol has eyes, but they cannot see; the idol has ears, but it never hears anything or says anything— dumb idols! They carved so perfectly that the statue of Venus one of their goddesses today is acknowledged as a leading work of art; and yet all this was prostituted to the one end of idolatry so that the people should have an object of worship.

The prophet Isaiah pours contempt upon the idolater. He says the idolater takes a piece of wood and carves it into an idol. The idolater worships the work of his own hands; he makes his god, but the Christian worships the God who made him. No man speaking by the Spirit of God will ever call Jesus accursed when he is speaking under divine unction.

When the Spirit of God comes mightily upon him, the utterance he gives, either in prophecy or in interpretation, will be divine and magnify our great Redeemer. Contrariwise, no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. During World War II no one in English-speaking countries was permitted to speak well of Hitler and his forces for they were the enemy.

The power that comes from Hell will never magnify the Lord Jesus. But the Holy Spirit will. These Corinthians had been idolaters and had known the power that was not of God; there were, therefore, strange manifestations in their meetings at times, and so the apostle Paul lays down clearly that no man speaking by the Spirit of God will ever call Jesus accursed.

Now, he says there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are nine gifts altogether: the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, faith, gifts of healing, miracles, prophecy, discerning of spirits, divers kinds of tongues, and the interpretation of tongues. These nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are diverse; for instance, what could be more diverse than the discerning of spirits and the working of miracles?

And what a contrast there is between speaking with other tongues and gifts of healing; also, how diverse is the word of wisdom from the interpretation of tongues!

There are gifts of mighty energy, gifts of power, and there are gifts that are telescopic which reveal the other world; there are gifts that are prophetic, inspirational, and gifts that are revelational. Now, says the writer, it is the same Spirit who causes all of these to function. God has been pleased to put in nature a very simple illustration of this unity in diversity.

Take, for instance, common water. I have a glass of it; it is a common commodity, but a very remarkable one. Do you know you can have water in the lump? The Gifts of the Spirit You can have this commodity floating about in the sky. What are clouds but water?

Then you can have water that comes down in pellets as if Heaven were pea-shooting us. Then you can have all the trees covered with snow, all so white and beautiful they look like fairyland! But snow is water. Then there is an exquisite artist who will draw pictures on your windowpanes.

Who is Jack Frost? Simply water in another manifestation. So, you can have water as rain, water as hail, water as snow, water as ice, water as steam, water as frost, and water as clouds; yet all these will, in a given temperature, flow as water. How diverse they are, and yet they are all water. God never makes even two leaves the same, nor does He make two persons alike; no, not even if they are identical twins, such as we once had in our church in London.

I would look from one to the other, and the other to the one. The schoolteacher had the same trouble. I remember calling upon one of them. I knocked, and he came to the door. And so, God never makes two things alike. With the ministry there are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, and how different they are!

The gifts differ; the ministries are different, and we shall see yet further variations. To illustrate, let us take one of the gifts, the gift of working of miracles for instance.

Elijah had no rod; he had a mantle. When the mantle was upon him he was mighty; he could pray and fire would flash from Heaven, and he could pray again with the mantle upon him and the rain would come. At the close of his ministry, when he came to the Jordan and wished to pass over, he wrapped the mantle together and smote the waters hither and thither; and with every smiting he put his foot down, step by step; he smote the waters out of the way, and they kept out until he and his servant Elisha had passed over Jordan.

Then he saw something coming down—what was it? It was the mantle, and when he put it on, he continued the ministry of his master. It came through his body, through his muscles, and when he laid hold of things—my! It was a laying hold! He laid hold of the gates of Gaza and carried them on his back. At the end of his ministry, that sad end, he slew more through the power of the Spirit at his death than he did all through his lifetime.

He laid hold of the two pillars of the temple of the god Dagon, and they broke under the mighty power that he exerted. Down crashed the whole temple killing so many. There is the difference: one man finds the working of miracles functioning through his being, another through a mantle, another through a rod, and so we can have the gifts functioning in different ways, and yet the same gift, for with the Almighty there is infinite variety.

Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts

Without them, the Church lacks the spiritual equipment so necessary for an aggressive conflict with the powers of darkness; she is also deprived of that edifying enrichment derived from the manifestation of the Holy Spirit's presence and power in her midst. If a person is 'called' to be a son of God, that person is also a prospective recipient of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Howard Carter pioneered a quest for revelation of this supernatural subject and was regarded as an authority on the gifts of the Spirit. He founded England's first Pentecostal Bible School and helped to establish a major denomination in that country. Howard Carter answered a broad range of questions like: How do you explain the visions of Daniel?

Howard Carter was a missionary to missionaries, a friend of Smith Wigglesworth, Lester Sumrall and a leading speaker at international Pentecostal conferences throughout the world. He was most distinguished for his teaching on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. He was a gentle and refined man, yet rugged when needed. A careful study of his life reveals an educated man after God's own heart who carried a strong passion for Jesus and a quiet sense of humor. Howard Carter was born in Birmingham, England in His British father married his mother a descendant of French nobility. Growing up Howard Carter had a speech impediment and suffered much embarrassment in school.

Certainly; it is a most important subject. We would like to know why this subject is not dealt. Howard Carter spent 30 years of experience researching this work and it shows. Far too many are of a mindset that claims they gifts have gone away after the Apostles died. The truth is there for all with an open mind and not stuck in denominational traditions of man. The author systematically explores the nine spiritual gifts in I Cor. To me, too much time is spent defining and redefining what is included in each gift and the author makes it very clear that the gifts do not overlap.


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