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Managers and leaders are two very different types of people.

The Difference Between Leadership and Management

Trustee Leadership. Total Leadership. Assigned Leadership. Connective Leadership. Balanced Leadership. Muscular Leadership.

At first glace it may seem there is little difference between the terms "leader" -- a person who leads someone else or a group of people -- and "leadership," referring to the methods and manner in which leaders lead. The first distinction is obvious: the leader is an individual, while leadership may represent a group of people leading an organization, a community or a country. Irrespective of culture, though, leaders should make people feel like they are all pursuers of a common goal. A leader implements his personal agenda as well as the organizational agenda. Professors Timothy Judge and Joyce Bono created a five-factor model of personality, including specific traits of the transformational leader: extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional adjustment and openness to experience. Leaders are initiators of change, especially as viewed by the transformational leadership theory.

Managers and Leaders: Are They Different?

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Leadership and Management - Relationship & Differences

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People often mistake leadership and management as the same thing but in essence, they are very different. The main difference between the two is that leaders have people that follow them, while managers have people who simply work for them. Particularly in small businesses, for a small business owner to be successful they need to be both a strong leader and manager to get their team on board with working towards their vision of success. Leadership is about getting people to comprehend and believe in the vision you set for the company and to work with you on achieving your goals, while management is more about administering and making sure the day-to-day activities are happening as they should. Leadership and management must go hand in hand.

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David I. BERTOCCI There Is a Difference between Leaders and Managers LEADERSHIP IN ORGANIZATIONS

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A List of the Differences Between the Term Leader & Leadership

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