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Intrinsic And Extrinsic Coagulation Pathways Pdf

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Coagulation is the process by which a blood clot forms to reduce blood loss after damage to a blood vessel. Several components of the coagulation cascade, including both cellular e.

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The article also illustrates the appropriateness of monitoring treatment in specialist units to maintain the level of anticoagulation within the very narrow margin that allows prevention of thrombosis without causing bleeding complications. All thrombotic processes have their origin in the dysfunction or rupture of the vascular endothelium, leading to release of tissue factor, which initiates the process of coagulation, and of collagen and von Willebrand factor, which initiates adhesion and activation of platelets. Alteration of the homeostatic balance between prothrombotic and antithrombotic factors during anticoagulation therapy can result in insufficient inhibition of coagulation thrombosis or the occurrence of bleeding due to excessive antithrombotic treatment. The interpretation of the coagulation process described by MacFarlane 2 in the "MacFarlane cascade" has been of use for many years in beginning to understand the complex problem of thrombus formation.

Intrinsic pathway of blood coagulation

Negreva, K. Vitlianova, R. Background: Clinical interest in the haemostasis profile of patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation PAF , and in particular, in blood coagulation is significant. It is known that blood coagulation is activated in two pathways: extrinsic and intrinsic. Regardless of the activation method, the coagulation cascade ends with a final common pathway, in which the activated factor X FX is central to the prothrombin complex, responsible for the conversion of prothrombin factor II F II to thrombin that converts fibrinogen into fibrin.

Blood coagulation refers to the process of forming a clot to stop bleeding. Coagulation is a complicated subject and is greatly simplified here for the student's understanding. To stop bleeding, the body relies on the interaction of three processes: Primary hemostasis involves the first two processes. Vasoconstriction is the body's first response to injury in the vascular wall. When injury occurs, vessel walls constrict, causing reduced blood flow to the site of injury.

Thrombin generation TG is a pivotal process in achieving hemostasis. Coagulation profiles during pregnancy and early neonatal period are different from that of normal non-pregnant adults. In this ex vivo study, the differences in TG in maternal and cord plasma relative to normal adult plasma were studied. Twenty consented pregnant women and ten consented healthy adults were included in the study. Maternal and cord blood samples were collected at the time of delivery. Platelet-poor plasma was isolated for the measurement of TG. Additionally, procoagulant and inhibitor levels were measured in maternal and cord plasma, and these values were used to mathematically simulate TG.

16.5D: Coagulation

Platelets are key players in hemostasis , the process by which the body seals a ruptured blood vessel and prevents further loss of blood. Although rupture of larger vessels usually requires medical intervention, hemostasis is quite effective in dealing with small, simple wounds. There are three steps to the process: vascular spasm, the formation of a platelet plug, and coagulation blood clotting. Failure of any of these steps will result in hemorrhage —excessive bleeding. When a vessel is severed or punctured, or when the wall of a vessel is damaged, vascular spasm occurs.

Upon the introduction of cells, particularly crushed or injured tissue, blood coagulation is activated and a fibrin clot is rapidly formed. The protein on the surface of cells that is responsible for the initiation of blood clotting is known as tissue factor , or tissue thromboplastin. Tissue factor is found in many of the cells of the body but is particularly abundant in those of the brain, lungs, and placenta. The pathway of blood coagulation activated by tissue factor, a protein extrinsic to blood, is known as the extrinsic pathway Figure 1. Tissue factor serves as a cofactor with factor VII to facilitate the activation of factor X. Once activated, factor X proceeds to activate prothrombin to thrombin in a reaction requiring factor V.

The extrinsic pathway of blood coagulation

A mechanistic model including the role of platelets is proposed for clot formation and growth in plasma in vitro. Initiation of clot formation is by the addition of tissue factor, and initiation via the intrinsic pathway is neglected. Activation of zymogens follows the extrinsic pathway cascade and reactions on platelet membranes are included.

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A mathematical model for in vitro coagulation of blood: role of platelet count and inhibition

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This study aimed to evaluate the extrinsic and intrinsic pathways of coagulation, serum level of fibrinogen and platelet count in HIV positive patients and.

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Secondary hemostasis includes the two main coagulation pathways, intrinsic and extrinsic, that meet up at a point to form the common pathway.

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All the components necessary for the clotting process to proceed are found in the blood.