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Peter Blau Exchange And Power In Social Life Pdf

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Social exchange theory is a model for interpreting society as a series of interactions between people that are based on estimates of rewards and punishments.

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Introduction to Social Exchange Theory in Social Work

With the communication facilities of the Internet at hand consumers homesteaded new platforms for social interaction and their creative activities have become more visible and extensive. An outstanding example is the open-source community. Collaborating via Internet, thousands of expert programmers and millions of users worldwide voluntarily develop and improve on open-source software. The purpose of this research is to conceptualize and explore the specific contents and process of cooperative exchange relationships on the Internet. Exploratory evidence is based on more than responses to a Websurvey among the members of the open-source community. Whereas most economic transactions are simultaneous exchanges, social exchanges are rather based on a general hope for future favors and social approval.

Social work is a challenging yet rewarding profession. Social workers typically have clients across all demographics who have a wide range of needs. Using a comprehensive approach, social workers can help clients live healthier, safer and happier lives. Social workers are often a type of mental health practitioner. They act as counselors in addition to helping clients navigate legal and social support systems. Because of this, they need to understand different theories regarding human behavior and interaction.

Born in Vienna, Austria , he immigrated to the United States in He completed his PhD doctoral thesis with Robert K. Merton at Columbia University in , laying an early theory for the dynamics of bureaucracy. The next year, he was offered a professorship at the University of Chicago , where he taught from to In he returned to Columbia University, where he was awarded the lifetime position of Professor Emeritus. From to he taught as the Robert Broughton Distinguished Research Professor at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in the same department as his wife, Judith Blau , while continuing to commute to New York to meet with graduate students and colleagues.

B. social exchange theory (2)

In this landmark study, originally published in , Peter Blau considers a basic question: How does social life become organized into increasingly complex structures of associations among humans? Blaus analysis represents a very important advanceMoreIn this landmark study, originally published in , Peter Blau considers a basic question: How does social life become organized into increasingly complex structures of associations among humans? Blaus analysis represents a very important advance in the application of exchange analysis to social structure and behavior. Eisenstadt, The American Journal of Sociology.

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New York: Wiley, , pp. The moral type on the other hand is not based on stated terms, but the gift or other service is given as to a friend, although the giver expects to receive an equivalent or greater return, as though it had not been a free gift but a loan; and as he ends the relationship in a different spirit from that in which he began it, he will complain. The reason of this is that all men, or most men, wish what is noble but choose what is profitable; and while it is noble to render a service not with an eye to receiving one in return, it is profitable to receive one. One ought, therefore, if one can, to return the equivalent of services received, and to do so willingly.


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Exchange And Power In Social Life by Peter Michael Blau

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Understanding Social Exchange Theory


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