MAD VIRGIN group was founded in 1991. Group was founded by Dejan Lucic & Vladimir Petrovic. In period from 1991 to 1996 group has released several shareware games, utils etc.for AMIGA & compatible platforms. 18.8.1996 our crew memeber Dejan Lucic has died in his 26th year. A virus infected his heart and doctors couldn't do anything about it. Because of that tragic death, group stoped developing all projects 'cause Dejan was a big part of them... and his death was a big shock for all of us. In 1997 group started from the beginning. More members joined the group, and group started developing new utils, games, doors and group became a part of Yugoslavian demo scene too. We was present at all competition held here in YU... We released a several demos for PC platforms and few intros for AMiGA platforms... all downloadable from this site.Look at scene window.